Weight Loss Internet Marketing Is Plagued By This Problem

One day a person decides that they are going to lose weight, so they sit down and diagram out how they plan on doing that. First they detail their meal plan breaking it down into macro nutrient sizes and then even further into putting together an actual meal plan, meal for meal. Next, they write down exactly how they intend to workout at the gym. Every set, every repetition, and every weight has been laid out in this program.

While at the gym, another patron notices this person has been losing weight, so they inquire about how they are doing so, and the person tells them exactly what they are doing, detail for detail.

The person that wrote the program then goes home and realizes that they can write this into a book and sell it online to make some extra money, so they do so.

So on begins an even bigger epidemic than the obesity epidemic that people have desperately tried to solve.

That epidemic has a name and it is called ‘bro-science.’

The concept of ‘Bro-science’ is when that person in the gym goes up to the other and asks them how they are reaching their goals. They want to know detail for detail how they are getting there so they can go home and try the exact same thing.

Unfortunately, that is not going to help you at all.

What you need to understand and 99% of the literature that you can download and purchase of the internet is written by and individual for an individual and that individual, sadly, is not you, but they will refrain from telling you that so they can take your money.

Each and every program out there was based around business and not science.

How you can tell if a program is using ‘bro-science?’

Here are a couple of ways to tell if that program spawned out of this concept. First, if the program that you purchase has a meal plan then it is based on ‘bro-science.’

Meal plans can be useful tools provided they are designed for the person creating them. We as humans are not a one-size-fits-all, we are all unique and we need a meal plan that acts as such.

The second noticeable ‘bro-science-born’ program is one that has the amount of weight that you are doing already defined for you. Here again, that weight might work for some people, but it will not work for everyone as we are not all the same.

Lastly, a program that is based on this idea of ‘bro-science’ will neglect utilizing major compound exercises like squats, front squats, deadlifts, power cleans, and overhead presses, and they focus on body parts that are relatively small in comparison to the rest of your body like your arms.

Some people would make the argument that these ‘bro-science’ programs that make up nearly all of the internet market that they are in fact helping curb the obesity problem in this country, but let us take a look at it a bit further.

Obesity has been on the rise since the mid 90’s, and it is still rising even with the saturation of the different weight loss products in the market today. That stands to reason that with all of the tools out there that we are not solving the problem and might possibly be contributing to its rise.

That is because these products are based on a science that only applies to one person, and that is the person that wrote it.

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Source by Erik D Walker

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