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What Is Bad Diet And How To Replace With Good Diet?

There is no such thing as junk food, but there is such a thing as a ‘junk diet’. The quantity of food consumed, as well as the quality of food, makes them junk.

Nowadays there is a marked increased inclination of having junk food as a meal in all age groups.

Bad effects of junk diet on our body

There is no doubt that foods which are high in fat, high in sugar, and high in salt are unhealthy.

Children have poor concentration in school. When children have a bad diet rich in oil they feel drowsy and fail to concentrate.

Some junk food gets fried in the same oil for a lot of time which increases the chances for bad effects sometimes they may turn as carcinogenic

Frequent consumption of soft drinks may also likely contribute to health problems, particularly overweight and obesity in children. They may cause tooth decay or dental erosion in children.

A lot of amount of consumption of soft drinks may also increase higher risk of kidney stones and heart disease.

People can eat lots of junk food don’t get bad effects at a young age because our bodies have immunity against a lot of germs When we get older, junk foods may increase the risk for various kinds of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity

How bad diet can be replaced by a good diet?

As our body needs different types of nutrition like vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, and protein so we should have a balanced diet to maintain health and prevent different diseases.

Different type of food which is deep fried in oil can be baked or steamed will increase taste as well as good for health.

Despite some fried food, some fruit or raw vegetables salad can be taken in a lunch box.

Soft aerated drinks can be replaced by fresh fruit juices or different fruit milkshakes.

Finally, not food is junk but a way of making, and the quantity and frequency of that food make them bad for the body so try to have good food and always remain healthy.

Source by Dr.Tabassum Patel

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