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What Should You Eat for Weight Loss? Heart Health? Type 2 Diabetes?

Eating lots of nourishing foods can make the body feel energized, vibrant, and rejuvenated. But you already knew that. Despite how delightful that processed snack or glass of alcohol was, you know it doesn’t make your body feel great later. Let’s take a look at what the latest research and healthy lifestyle experts say you should eat for heart health, if you’re a diabetic, and for sustainable weight loss.

Should I Eat Carbs?

If you were invited over to a heart researcher’s house for dinner, do you think they would serve you carbohydrates? The answer may surprise you. According to a number of peer-reviewed clinical studies, it appears that whole grains are advocates for heart health. The fiber in whole grains may have an ability to improve heart health.

Can Diabetics Eat Carbs?

Yes! Certain carbs can be part of the foods you can eat if you have diabetes. Whole grains, such as oats, barley, and quinoa are part of the Pritikin Eating Plan, which has been found in studies to reduce insulin levels by up to 46% in adult men, in three weeks. However, Registered Dietician, Kimberly Gomer points out that not all diabetics do well with fruit. Fruit is included in some versions of the Pritikin Eating Plan. The plan is tailored to each guest’s health needs. “There are no one-size-fits-all here,” explains Kimberly. “We know you’re unique!”

Should I Eat More Fiber?

Probably, as studies show most Americans don’t eat enough fiber which is 38g/day and 25 g/day for adult men and women, respectively. Fiber is important for more than your visits to the porcelain throne – it also helps your heart! The best sources of fiber include oats, barley, and many vegetables. These plants contain two types of fiber: water-soluble and water-insoluble. Water-soluble fibers have been shown in many studies to lower blood cholesterol by several mechanisms. Water-insoluble fibers are great for making you feel full and are the one you can thank for enjoyable visits to the porcelain throne (which can help alleviate constipation). That’s right – science is really suggesting that you should eat carbs!

Eat Berries for More Fiber in Your Diet

6 Surprising Places to Find More Fiber in Your Diet

Factors that play a role in weight gain, do not include a slowing metabolism in adulthood, says new science, but may involve:

  • Raspberries
  • Lentils
  • Black beans
  • Broccoli
  • Split peas
  • Blackberries

What are Good Carbs?

Fruits, vegetables, beans, starchy vegetables, and cooked whole grains are all examples of good carbs and are staples of the Pritikin Eating Plan. From Pritikin’s team of Registered Dieticians, here are 3 tips to identifying what is a good carb:

  1. Good carbs look as if they actually came out of the ground.
  2. Good carbs are naturally rich in fiber.
  3. Good carbs are naturally rich in water.

What Should I Eat for Heart Health?

When it comes to the heart, if you’re looking for one nutrient or one type of food, research suggests you are looking in the wrong place. According to a growing body of evidence, what you should eat for heart health is a variety of plant-based foods. There’s actually a complicated set of several nutrients that interact with your genes and influence your heart health. Fruits and vegetables provide the body with a bounty of nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients that support cardiovascular health. According to Registered Dietician, Kimberly Gomer of the Pritikin Center, in Miami, Florida, if you are ever unsure of what to eat, the best answer is to, “make vegetables the star of your plate!”

What Should I Eat for Weight Loss?

“Lots of food,” says Kimberly. “It’s probably more than you think! At Pritikin, we follow the number one rule for weight loss: you can’t be hungry.” Science-based evidence suggests there are certain ways to eat to promote weight loss, but it’s important not to think too black and white, as we are all different, and the reasons we are struggling with weight gain will vary. For a lot of us, convenience foods make up the majority of their plates, bringing with them more salt, fat, and sugar than the body needs. Plus, there are lots of people who struggle to lose weight because they are insulin resistant and don’t know it. Insulin resistance can make it truly frustrating to lose weight! Working with experts, such as those at Pritikin, you can learn how your body works and what you can do to transition into a healthier lifestyle, where you can lose weight, sustain it, and even get back to eating out with friends.

5 Tips for Weight Loss

The Pritikin team of Registered Dieticians have a few tips below that can help you determine what you should eat for weight loss:

  1. Do not be hungry.
  2. Stop counting calories.
  3. Listen to your hunger cues.
  4. Use proven eating theories, such as Calorie Density
  5. It’s not just about food: exercise and a healthy mindset are vital parts to successful weight loss!

Come find solutions to the hurdles that are preventing you from reaching your goals. At Pritikin, you will discover through medical evaluation what’s the underlying cause of your struggles with weight loss and work with renowned healthy lifestyle experts to build a plan that will work for you.

What Should You Eat for Weight Loss? Heart Health? Type 2 Diabetes?

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