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Where Is Raquel Leviss After ‘VPR’ Finale: Rehab, Updates

Vanderpump Rules star Raquel Leviss hasn’t been seen since the season 10 reunion taping on March 23. Keep reading to find out where she’s been while dealing with her cheating scandal involving costar Tom Sandoval.

Where Is Raquel Leviss?

In the Vanderpump Rules season 10 finale which aired on May 17, the production team said she became unreachable after filming a scene with Tom where they unpacked how their affair affected their lives and professed their love for each other. At the end of the awkward scene, a title card appeared on screen that read, “After filming this scene, Raquel turned off her phone and was not seen or heard from for weeks.”

The California native entered a mental health rehab in April to reportedly deal with the stress caused by her affair with Tom being outed on March 3.

“Raquel and her family decided before the relationship was discovered that she would enter a voluntary facility for mental health counseling,” her rep told Us Weekly and other outlets.

“She was scheduled to go in pre-reunion but decided she wanted to finish her filming commitment. Bravo and production were aware and in support of her journey towards better mental health,” they continued, adding that she was not in rehab for substance abuse issues.

Her team posted an Instagram Story on May 2 that they were taking over her social media platforms.

“This account was hacked and with the help of Instagram it has been reset and is now managed by Raquel’s team for the next month while she continues treatment,” the Story read. “MAY is MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS month. Raquel has requested all of the posts focus on raising awareness for mental health organizations, advocates and removing the stigma surrounding treatment.”

On May 18, Lisa Vanderpump revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she hasn’t “had any contact with Raquel” following “Scandoval.” 

“I think she really needs to discuss with us what’s going on in her life, but Sandoval’s been part of that group for 15 years prior,” the SUR owner said. “You know, four years prior to the show. So, of course, there’s conversations and questions to be answered, and I hope they can get to that place. That’s what I really hope for them.”

After part three of the Vanderpump Rules reunion aired on June 7, Raquel was still in rehab. “Upon the completion of filming the reunion, Raquel entered a voluntary inpatient behavioral health and trauma facility and remains there to date — 68 days and counting,” a source told Us Weekly about the former beauty pageant contestant. The reunion taping took place on March 23.

“Her treatment is helping her learn the basis of her decisions and to grow from her mistakes with the hope of making better choices and becoming a better person,” the insider continued.

“She is a young woman that is and has been remorseful for her actions and has apologized repeatedly,” the source added, saying, “Raquel looks forward to sharing her story with the unfiltered truth when she comes out.”

The Signs! Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss' Cheating Clues: Photos
Raquel Leviss/Instagram

Is Raquel Leviss in Arizona?

Raquel revealed during the reunion that following the revelation of her affair with Sandoval on March 3, she went to stay with her family in Tucson, Arizona. She said she only returned to Los Angeles due to her commitment to film the reunion episodes of the show and face the music from her costars about the cheating scandal.

The former SUR waitress allegedly sent a postcard from Sedona, Arizona, to Tom and Ariana Madix‘s Valley Village, California, home. Scheana Shay‘s husband, Brock Davies, made the revelation during the May 30 episode of “When Reality Hits” with Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

“The motherf–ker has the audacity to go, ‘I’ll go one step further of being an absolute tw–t’ and writes a postcard,” Brock revealed after Ariana previously shared that Raquel had sent handwritten letters to their home to Tom, but that she did not open them. The former couple is still living under the same roof despite their March split.

“Then [Raquel] sends a postcard from Sedona [Arizona] with a lightning bolt and she sends a postcard, so it’s there for her [Ariana] to read,” he continued. Tom frequently wears a lightning bolt pendant and Raquel bought herself a nearly identical necklace in the VPR season 10 penultimate episode.

Brock called Raquel’s move “calculated,” and noted, “It was a postcard, it wasn’t a f–king closed envelope. It was because she wanted you guys to read it – are you kidding me?”

Do Raquel’s Castmates Believe She Is in Rehab?

“Not a mental facility! It’s a spa resort,” SUR manager Peter Madrigal wrote in an Instagram comment on a VPR fan account in April. Former Pump Rules star Dayna Kathan commented, “She’s at a spa,” on another Bravo account.

During a May 10 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked VPR star Katie Maloney about Raquel’s decision to take a step back to address her mental health. The aspiring sandwich shop owner snarked, “Really?” and rolled her eyes.

When Was Raquel Leviss Last Seen in Public?

She was sitting outside a North Hollywood nail salon where she openly answered questions about Scandoval to a videographer for TMZ on March 22, one day prior to the explosive reunion taping.

“It started out as a friendship, and it turned into something more. But I’m sure we’ll go into detail about all of that at the reunion,” Raquel said about her seven-month affair with Tom that ended his nine-year relationship with girlfriend Ariana.

“I don’t know where our relationship is going to be. We’re just trying to get through these next few steps … We’re not putting a label on anything,” the SUR waitress explained about her future with Sandoval.

Is Raquel Leviss Still in Contact With Tom Sandoval?

Despite multiple reports on May 17 that the pair had split after trying to make a go at romance following their affair, Ariana said she had her doubts about that. Later that evening during an appearance on WWHL, the Florida native said Raquel sent Tom a letter to the house they still share four days prior but was unsure of the contents as she did not open it.

Is Raquel Leviss Returning to ‘Pump Rules’?

During part 2 of the VPR reunion special, Andy asked Raquel if she was planning on returning to the show for season 11.

“I don’t know,” she admitted. “It is in question right now. I want to.”

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