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Why Biltong and Nuts Is Great for a Banting Diet

Most people have probably heard of the latest craze in diets called the Banting diet. The Banting diet is made popular by professor Tim Noaks with his best-selling book The Real Meal Revolution. In a nutshell, the idea behind the Banting diet is to consume foods that are low in carbs and high in fat (LCHF). This idea is totally against the popular belief of a low-fat high-carb diet (LFHC) which we were taught by the media all these years. Instead of obtaining your energy from sugar or carbohydrates, you obtain it from fat and in particular animal fat.

It is quite hard these days for one to keep up with a diet in today’s rushed and busy environments. We are prone to eating fast foods and unhealthy snacks as we do not have the time to prepare a proper meal during the day. So how does one keep up with a diet like the Banting diet?

The answer is biltong. Biltong is high in energy, protein, and fat, but low in carbs and contains no sugar. Biltong also has a long shelf life so you do not have to buy it fresh every day or keep it in a freezer. And to top it all off, biltong tastes great.

If you are in a hurry every morning and want to keep to a diet like the Banting diet during your work day, just take a few packets of biltong with you. To help you get through the day, you can add some healthy nuts to your daily food packet. Macadamias, almonds, or walnuts would be a great idea as they are all high-fat low-carb foods.

As biltong and nuts are such convenient food, you can keep them in your drawer and snack when you feel like it. For even further convenience you can buy pre-packed biltong and nuts lunch boxes to help you stay within the limits of your diet.

What is great about monthly pre-packed lunch packets is the fact that your diet plan is already worked out for you as the packets are labeled for each day. The idea is to snack in small amounts throughout the day when you feel hungry and not have to consume a large lunch making you feel full and drowsy in the afternoons.

Pre-packed biltong and nuts also have the nutritional facts of the contents on the label which makes it easy to keep track of the number of fats, carbs, protein, or calories you take in for each packet consumed. This makes keeping track of your diet a breeze.

So if you’re lazy like me to pack lunch boxes and find it difficult to keep up with a diet, pre-packed lunch boxes with the correct amount of fats, proteins and carbs will be a great solution for you.

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