124 Online – Your Key To Success?

An Unbiased Review

Multi level marketing is the most common way to make money online. Most people who are sceptical about work from home opportunities frown upon multi level marketing due to the fact that in order to make maximum profit you have to continuously recruit members on to your team. Recently there has been a new wave in multi level marketing and that is 124 Online. Mark Seyforth, the marketing tycoon who aided in the major launch of Herbalife is behind this new home based business opportunity.

How does the opportunity work?

This opportunity is one of those that you have to try your best to get people to join your team otherwise you won’t really make the most of the system. There is one product available to promote and that is a supplemental drink called Natraburst. This is a drink that is fortified with super fruits and vegetables, the drink is supposed to give you energy and act as a detox. This is the only product that is available to promote at the moment however there are other products in the pipeline. There is a minimum of $60 auto ship with the product, therefore it is not free you do have to contribute. You will make your money by recruiting people. Therefore if you don’t like convincing people to sign up to things, then this opportunity is not for you. You will get paid $1.50 for everyone in your team and you will earn money for 12 levels below you.

How easy is it to make money?

If you want to make easy money then this is not for you either. If you work hard to build your team then you could build yourself a lifelong residual income. However if you don’t make the effort to really build your team you will not make the money that you are expecting. Therefore the key to success in this business is, build your team and train your team to build their team. Share your marketing secrets with your team and hopefully they too will do the same and build an even bigger team. Recruitment is key when it comes to multi level marketing, and with 124 Online you must work hard to build a strong marketing team that will help you earn a residual income over a period of time.

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