Cheap Gas and Electricity – Be Cautious While Making Your Move!

In today’s scenario of global economic slow down, everyone wants to save money on everything, be it purchasing electronic gadgets, clothes or be it getting gas or electricity deals, people are getting more cautious with their spending day by day. Let us discuss the available options for consumers in UK, for getting cheap gas and electricity deals.

Currently there are various energy providers meeting different energy needs of consumers in UK. These are: Atlantic Electric & Gas, Biz Energy, British Gas, Centrica, EDF,East Midlands Electricity, EON, Npower, Scottish power, Union Energy, London Energy etc.

Amongst all these, if we talk about the major players then British Gas, E-ON, EDF, Npower lead the tally of major gas and electricity suppliers in UK.

The gas and electricity deals, these companies are offering currently are numerous and meet changing requirements of today’s consumer of UK. So, a particular offer can be a cheap gas and electricity deal for one customer and at the same time could be costlier for another as well. Here is a look at different offers from the Czars of UK energy sector.

British gas has following to offer to its customers: yearly dual fuel discount of £14, £67 of discount if customer switches to direct debit payment option, option of managing electricity account online and price protection on selected energy products until 1st August 2010.

With EDF energy, customer can get perks which include: yearly duel fuel discount of £25.20, savings of £8.40 by choosing direct debit payment option, facility of managing electricity account online, price protection on selected products until 1st June 2010, Green option (availability of environment friendly energy account), opportunity of saving £166 by joining EDF energy’s 2012 Carbon Challenge.

E.ON energy is offering currently 8% of duel fuel discount on energy bills, if customer chooses duel fuel and pays by direct debit. And, choosing E-ON as gas and electricity supplier of both (gas & electricity) and making payments via direct debit is currently benefiting customers with total 8% of discount on their energy bills. Other features being offered by E.ON currently are price protection until 1st October 2010 on selected energy products, facility of choosing environment friendly green account, average savings of around £177 on your energy bills.

With Scottish power, though there is not direct debit debit discount available currently, customers can get benefit of £10.50 duel fuel discount and £15.75 of online billing discount. Other features are also quite same such as facility of managing online electricity account, price protection until June 1st 2010 on selected energy products, green option and average savings of £122.

In conclusion, for UK customers options are many for getting a best gas and electricity deal. The only point of advice to customers here would be of going for a thorough analysis of one’s requirement and available options thereafter.

Source by Andrew J Peterson

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