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Different Types Of Moles That You Must Know About

Melanonaevus or melanocytic naevus which is commonly known as a mole is a small and dark-pigmented spot that appears on various parts of the skin. The shape of the mole is usually oval or circular. Some moles are present at birth while others appear as one grows up.

Some moles tend to disappear completely over time while others change color and shape. The moles usually appear when the melanocyte cells grow together in a bunch. Common moles are not harmful but some cancerous and hereditary moles can be dangerous for your skin.

So, now let me tell you about the various types of moles that you must know about to identify them in a better manner.

  1. Common moles usually occur on different parts of the skin. They are present at birth or may even occur afterward. People with light skin are more prone to the development of moles as compared to people with dark skin. Sometimes exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays is also a cause for the development of these moles.
  2. Congenital moles usually occur on the skin of newborns and they may be big or small in size. These moles are difficult to remove and they may also turn into Melanoma moles.
  3. Atypical moles are also known as Dysplastic moles and they usually appear in groups. These moles can easily turn into cancer moles which is why they must be removed as soon as possible.
  4. Halo moles are formed when they are connected lesions. They are usually in the form of white pigmentation and they can appear on any part of the body.
  5. Spindle cell moles also known as Spitz moles and form due to the effect of melanocytes. If you have such type of a mole then you must not get it removed as they are not dangerous.
  6. Dermal melanocytic naevi are usually dark and raised moles that also have hair on the surface.
  7. Blue naevi are the standard dark blue moles that usually occur on the back, face, and hands.
  8. Junctional melanocytic naevi are dark brown and they are usually round and flat.
  9. Seborrheic Keratoses are moles that most commonly appear on old people. They are round or oval in shape and dark brown.
  10. Pyogenic Granulomas appear very rarely on human skin and they usually occur after some injury. They are red or black and can be easily removed.

Well above stated are the different types of moles that you must surely know about.

Source by Colin K Yang

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