Dry Skin Care Routine

Is Your Skin Giving you that Parched Look? Then this is just for you. Dry skin has a low level of sebum which gives the skin a parched look mainly due to the inability to retain moisture. It feels tight and uncomfortable after every wash. Extremely dry and dehydrated condition results in chapping and cracking of the skin. We may find dry skin conditions mainly near the shins, hands, sides of the abdomen, etc.

A common occurrence is during the winters when humidity is low. It might also be a genetic or hereditary tendency to have dry skin. Also, due to the natural changes in skin elderly people face this problem quite often. The skin condition is aggravated by wind, extreme temperatures, and air-conditioning which often make the skin flaky, chapped, and tight. To shield your skin from such harsh conditions, you need to use some dry skin product that is oil-based.

For dry skin treatment and prevention you need to follow a simple routine:

1. Lukewarm baths or showers instead of hot ones for 5 to 10 minutes only

2. Immediately apply moisturizer after showering or washing your hands

3. Using a mild moisturizing body and hand soap

4. Using heavier or lighter creams or ointments during the winters and summer as required

5. Always consult a skin expert to find out the exact reason causing your dry skin for which medical treatment may be required.

6. Avoid caffeine and alcohol to avoid dehydration.

7. Keep away from perfumes, body sprays, and botanicals, which may aggravate the already dry skin condition.

You need to follow a regime to keep the scales and flakes at bay. So here are a few simple steps you could follow for skin care:

o Cleansing: Choose a cleanser carefully that just suits your skin needs. For dry skin, it has to be creamy. Be careful not to cleanse too often. Washing at night with water is all you need. First, use warm water to loosen clogged pores, and then put a small bit of cleanser. Finally, rinse off with cool or lukewarm water.

o Exfoliation: People often tend to skip exfoliation in their normal skincare routine. Proper exfoliation gives that perfect glow. Scrubs remove the layer of dead skin which makes the complexion dull. Use the scrubs easily available on the counter which suit your need instead of the chemical ways or those which cost you a fortune.

o, Moisturize: Moisturizers help to seal moisture into the skin. This is one of the vital steps in dry skin care. Your skin tells you when to use a moisturizer. When the skin feels tight it indicates you need to moisturize. Excess can clog pores.

o Apply sunscreen: sunscreen should be the most important part of your skincare regimen. The prime cause of irate skin condition is sun damage. So sunscreen is a must even in winter and on those cloudy days.

Though there are various methods for skin treatment to fight dryness, going the natural way is the in thing. There are varieties of dry skin products to choose from. You can easily get them over the -counter which may suit your skin type.

But if you do not want to spend a penny on your skincare regime, here are a few simple homemade remedies for that glowing skin.

o Simply massage your face with olive oil or almond oil.

o Mashed ripe banana works wonders for your dry skin.

o Try a little cream of milk with rose water and a few drops of lime juice on your chapped lips each night and see the difference.

o Castor oil or avocado oil has a magical effect on severely dry skin

o A fine paste of peanut with milk and a few drop of honey with it is yet another natural remedy

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