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Pores on Nose – 5 Easy Methods to Shrink Pores on Your Nose

Everyone has pores on their face. This is normal. Pores are needed for sebaceous glands to release oil. The problem is, that pores may appear larger than normal size. As sebaceous glands become more active, your pores will become larger. This is a common problem if you have an oily skin type. You can find enlarged pores easily on the nose and cheeks.

Enlarged pores on noses and cheeks are caused by genetics, aging, sun damage, or sometimes the side effects of cosmetics you are using. Unfortunately, you can’t change the pore’s size permanently but you can make them look smaller.

How to shrink enlarged pores on the nose in 5 easy methods:

a. Keep your skin clean.
Wash your face twice to remove excess oils on your face since excess oil can make pores on the nose larger.

b. Use a face mask.
You can make a face mask from tomatoes. Just cut a tomato in half, take the seeds, and apply it to your nose. You can do this a few times a week.

c. Pores strip.
It is good to remove deep blackheads and make pores look smaller.

Note: Stop using this method if you find your nose becomes irritated. Overusing pores strip can also cause redness.

d. Exfoliate.
It is good to remove dead skin cells. You can do this once or twice a week.

e. Vitamin A
Eat vegetables and fruits containing a lot of vitamins such as carrots and tomatoes. Make sure the vegetables and fruits you eat are raw.

Source by Albert Delon

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