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Easy Fat Loss Tip That Makes Any Diet Plan Have a Better Chance For Success

When it comes to fat loss I know exactly what my problem is. It’s nothing to do with my diet or my fat loss exercise program. It’s the amount of food I eat at meals. Something always happens and I end up eating more than I wanted.

Here is a way to overcome this problem of eating too much once and for all.

I’ve known about this for a long time, I even ordered one of those plates from TV that separates everything into convenient portions on your plate. It makes it hard to go over your normal serving but the problem is I don’t always have access to it and I didn’t want to buy more.

So then one day the answer came to me. Now don’t laugh because the importance of this will become clear. But the answer is to get smaller serving plates. I don’t mean go from a dinner plate to a saucer plate. What I’m talking about is just get smaller serving plates, a whole set of them.

Now as I fill my plate it actually looks like I’m getting more when it’s really the same serving as I would get with a larger plate. Of course you don’t want to cheat and fill the plate so full the food starts falling off. Just fill your plate with what looks like a normal serving.

What this is telling the part of me that’s on the diet is I’m not depriving myself. I’ve noticed in the past when I felt deprived, then the diet became too much work and I eventually fell off whatever fat weight loss program I was on at the time.

The beauty of this tip, is after awhile, you won’t remember that you’re using smaller serving plates. This is just a little trick that has helped me stay on my fat loss diet. Just try it, what have you got to lose?

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