‘Fear TWD’ Showrunners Considered Showing Zombie Baby on Season 7, Episode 2

  • Warning: There are spoilers ahead for season 7, episode two of “Fear TWD,” “Six Hours.”
  • Morgan makes a horrifying discovery when he learns a couple is holding onto a zombie baby.
  • The “Fear TWD” showrunners tell Insider why they didn’t show the zom-baby on screen.

Fear the Walking Dead” gave us a zombie baby on Sunday’s episode… sort of.

After running into a distraught couple searching for a missing baby of their own, Morgan (Lennie James) makes a horrifying discovery late in the episode.

Morgan spots a suitcase with something moving around inside. The snarls and growls coming from it reveal that the baby was never missing.

Fear TWD 702 zom-baby



Morgan makes a shocking discovery.


It was sadly smothered to death by its father when he couldn’t handle the sounds of its cries anymore.

The couple let the infant turn into a zombie. Instead of killing the zom-baby, they decided to keep it in a briefcase.

‘Fear’ considered showing the zombie baby, but thought it would be more powerful to let viewers imagine it.


Fear TWD 702



Morgan becomes super sus on Sunday’s episode.


We never see the actual zom-baby on Sunday’s episode, but showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg considered it.

“We talked about it,” Ian Goldberg told Insider when asked why no one is ever brave enough to show a zombie baby on screen in “TWD” universe. “It was something that we talked a lot about.”

Why didn’t they show it?

“Ultimately it just came down to — and this is just our personal sensibility. We thought it was more powerful to kind of imply rather than show,” Goldberg said of why we don’t see the zom-baby on Sunday’s episode. “We thought that just seeing the bag move and hear the growl inside, let the characters, let the audience kind of imagine for themselves what might be inside that case. For our taste [that] was even more powerful than showing the baby.”

When asked whether or not they designed anything for the zom-baby’s potential look, Chambliss told Insider, “That’s for you to imagine.”

Should Morgan and Grace even be breathing the air in this new nuclear apocalypse without a mask? ‘There will be consequences.’


Fear TWD 702 Grace Morgan



Grace and Morgan traveled through the radiation-filled apocalypse sans masks.


Throughout Sunday’s episode, Morgan and Grace are traveling through areas with high radiation. After running into a couple exposed to the area’s radiation, we learn that one of their noses fell off. Yikes!

Even while running into this group and seeing the devastating effects the radiation has had on others, Grace and Morgan continue to have their masks off periodically. Morgan takes his off at one point when he sees a potential threat in the distance.

On last week’s episode, we also saw Victor Strand remove his mask at one point while out in an area exposed to radiation. Should they be doing that?

“In terms of breathing in the air, the thing that’s really interesting that we found when we were doing all the research into what actually happens with fallout is that the danger varies greatly in terms of local geography, depending on the weather, depending on water, depending on how things get washed away,” Chambliss told Insider.

Fear TWD 702



The two people Morgan and Grace run into are literally falling apart because of the radiation.


“The best practice is to wear a mask as much as you can when you’re outside. But that’s not always possible,” he added. “It’s not necessarily an instant death sentence if you’re outside. But by that same token, there can be times when you can be at the wrong place in the wrong time, you could be exposed to something like alpha particles, which Geiger counters can’t even detect, and if you breathe those in you would die within a matter of weeks. Whereas there are other low levels of exposure that you can, you can get that could take years to kill you, if at all.”

Chambliss teased there will be consequences to the actions our group takes in this radiation-filled area.

“It really all depends on where you are, what kind of radiation you’re around,” Chambliss said. “Our characters are really kind of taking the approach of trying to be as careful as possible. But we will say there will be consequences to people’s actions.”

When Insider said that hopefully means no more noses falling off, both Chambliss and Goldberg laughed.

‘Padre’ is a place which may offer shelter from the nuclear apocalypse.

FearTWD 702 padre


Padre is mentioned on the first two episodes of “Fear” season seven.


Also on Sunday’s episode, we hear the word “Padre” again, the name of a supposedly safe community somewhere in Texas.

When Insider asked Chambliss and Goldberg what they could share about this mysterious Padre joint, Chambliss teased, “Padre is definitely a thread that will have some significance this season. It is, as the characters have heard, a place and it is perhaps a place that can offer safety from the devastation of the nuclear apocalypse.”

Good luck finding Padre though, he added.

“The thing that all of our characters are gonna have to figure out is whether or not they’re going to be able to find it. It is not an easy place to find,” Chambliss said.

What did you think of Sunday’s “Fear”? Did the creative team make the right call by not showing the zom-baby? Are Grace and Morgan toast for removing their masks in a radiation-filled zone? Let me know @KirstenAcuna on Twitter.

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