File On Soldier’s Laptop Leads Wife To Secret Place In Afghanistan

Looking For Clues

Keeping her tears back was impossible as she held her husband’s belongings close to her chest. She could smell him on them. She knew that being an Army wife would have its challenges, but she thought she could handle it. She regretted it now.

She still couldn’t let go and decided that his laptop would be the best way to get clues about where he had been. She had already gone through all the photos and videos he had kept, soaking up the beautiful memories. But now, she was looking for strange files to give her answers. It wasn’t long before she found an unmarked folder with an unknown download.

Emily And Mark

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When Emily married Mark, it was the happiest moment of her life. She looked at the man in front of her and saw a future full of hope and bliss. But the reality of marrying a soldier had yet to raise its ugly head. 

Mark was a First Lieutenant in the U.S Army, and he was nothing if not patriotic. 

Awaiting Deployment

A day in the Life

Within their first year of marriage, the couple had their first child, Brittany. Her birth was the happiest day of Mark’s life. He adored his beautiful baby girl and cherished every moment he had with her. He knew his next deployment was coming up soon and the thought of leaving his family was already playing heavily on his mind. 

When the news finally came in that he was to deploy to Afghanistan, Emily was distraught. 

Tearful Goodbyes

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She was hoping he would get sent to anywhere but there. He was going straight into a battle zone. At the time they said their tearful goodbyes, it was just a 6-month stay, but Afghanistan had different plans for Mark. 

She raced to the laptop and wrote down the coordinates she deciphered from the cryptic message. Her heart pounded with fear.

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