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Fitness Journal & Workout Log Book – Premium Daily Exercise Planner (Pink)

Fitness Journal & Workout Log Book - Premium Daily Exercise Planner (Pink)Fitness Journal & Workout Log Book - Premium Daily Exercise Planner (Pink)Fitness Journal & Workout Log Book - Premium Daily Exercise Planner (Pink)
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Fitness Journal & Workout Log Book - Premium Daily Exercise Planner (Pink)

Product Description


Your Perfect Workout Companion

Track all your workouts and achieve the results you’re striving for!

Workout Journal Front CoverWorkout Journal Front Cover

Exercise Log Book & Workout Journal Opened upExercise Log Book & Workout Journal Opened up The Perfect Workout Partner

When it comes to enjoying a healthy, gorgeously sculpted and sexy body, there’s no room for compromise. That’s why Booty Lab works only with top quality materials and innovative designs.

Easy to read & complete A5 for easy carrying Soft Touch Cover Stylish Design Durable Pages (100GSM)

Fitness Journal & Exercise Log Book (100 Workouts)

Track your workouts to get the best out of your sessions and improve your focus!

The Booty Lab workout log book is definitely a must for your daily fitness routine, being a smart and effective way of keeping an accurate track of your progress.

Track every bit of essential information from number of calories, meal plans, cardio and exercises, plan ahead and work towards the body you’ve always wanted with this amazing fitness accessory, designed for men and women!

Track Calories Consumed Track Exercises, Sets, Reps & Weight Monitor Cardio & Caloiries Burnt

BEGIN – Our slick A5 (Half letter size) fitness planner kicks off your journey by guiding you through setting your workout goals for the coming year. With a luxurious soft touch cover and high quality 90 GSM internal pages, This book is your perfect companion through thick and thin!
WORK – The bulk of the book is filled with workout session logs. These pages allow you to track the date of your workout followed by exercises, reps, weight and number of sets. After your session theres a mood area where you can track how you felt on the day and compare to other days. Theres also a handy notes section and an area to record cardio workouts.
PROGRESS – As you progress through your fitness journey theres a dedicated area to record your personal bests or a one rep max. Completing this section will keep you focused on the goals you set at the start and is an awesome way to visually see how you’re progressing! The progress tracking area also allows you to keep track of your body measurements and weight.
ACHIEVE – The reason you’re buying this book right? Its to achieve your goals! And thats what we’re going to help you do. We’re confident that if you use this book and complete each of the workout sessions you’ll be in a totally different place than when you started! See for yourself and begin your journey to a better you!

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