Forgotten Subway Sandwich Ends Up Costing Young Mom $1,844

Unexpected Expenses

Emily was shocked and exhausted and now she had to deal with this?

The cashier looked irritated and said “don’t you know the rules, madam? and on top of that you’re also traveling with a baby, do you know how much this is going to cost you? ”

Emily just stared at her speechless, how could she afford this right now? Her whole flight trip was a nightmare. Where would she get the money from?

Last Minute Trip


Emily had to fly to Greece for urgent work and had to take her 12-month-old baby. The flight back to Australia was long and she knew she had it in for her with her plus-size baby.

She loved her baby and knew that he was extra chubby. It was just the way he was. He had a lot of baby fat. Emily walked up to the flight check-in counter, feeling apprehensive about the upcoming flight.

She had heard horror stories about traveling with babies, and she didn’t want to cause any trouble.

Daily Deals


The flight attendant looked at her and her baby, then glanced at her computer screen. “Ma’am, I see that you have a lap infant with you. Did you know that you can purchase a seat for him at a discounted rate?”

Emily was taken aback. She had read online that lap infants were allowed on flights and didn’t require their own seats. Was this just a ploy to get more money out of her?

She hesitated for a moment, then asked how much it would cost. The flight attendant quoted a price that was far beyond what Emily could afford. She politely declined and made her way to the gate.

Not Necessary


Cory didn’t need his own seat; he could sit on her lap the whole way. The first flight was horrid because there was no space, she had to sit squashed between two other fat people because the flight was full. There wasn’t a single spare seat available. They complained about her baby Coby, even though he was a good boy throughout.

On the connecting flight to Singapore, she decided to get a footlong sandwich. The line was really long, after waiting over 30 minutes to get to the cashier. When she reached the front a very attractive young girl with blonde hair asked to take her order.

The cashier said I can see why you need such a “big sandwich with a baby like that” and smiled sweetly. Emily didn’t know what to think about the cashier’s comment. Was that an insult?

Rude Service


Did she think because she was thin and pretty, she could just say anything and insult a little baby? Or was it a remark at me? Her attitude wasn’t very friendly for a food restaurant employee at all Emily thought.

The uptight cashier kept giving Emily strange glances and making her feel awkward.

She hoped she didn’t sabotage her sandwich. Emily didn’t even feel like taking the sandwich anymore but she was starving.

Drained Out


Emily paid and left as quickly as she could. “Have a good day ma’am” the girl said with the same fake smile. Emily found her to be a bit strange and walked towards her boarding gate.

She started eating her sandwich as she walked.

She didn’t think anything serious of it at that moment, but there was something in the sandwich that would cost her in the end.

On The Move Again


She gave Coby a small piece of cheese to nibble on. The toddler was happily munching away. They sat down outside their boarding gate and waited. Emily was enjoying her sandwich and didn’t realize the time.

People started to wake up and move. She felt a bit uncomfortable. The line was so long that she had completely lost track of time. It was already time to board.

She quickly stuffed the sandwich in her bag. And asked the flight check-in if it was okay, and she said it was.

Calling All Passengers


It was time for the connecting flight. As she settled into her seat, Emily felt a wave of relief wash over her. She had made it onto the plane without incident, and now all she had to do was survive the long flight.

She pulled out her footlong sandwich from Subway and started eating, grateful for the sustenance.

She was enjoying a mouthful of flavor and didn’t notice the devouring eyes around her.

Dead Stares


As the flight wore on, Emily couldn’t help but notice the stares from her fellow passengers.

They seemed annoyed by her baby’s presence, even though he was quiet and well-behaved.

Emily tried to ignore them and focus on keeping her baby happy and entertained. What were these passengers staring at?

Touch Down Aussie


When the flight finally landed in Australia, Emily made her way to the customs line. As she approached the officer, she realized with a sinking feeling that she had forgotten her sandwich in the bag.

She hoped it wouldn’t be a problem and she tried to look as normal as possible.

But the officer was not sympathetic. He took his job very seriously and pulled aside anybody that didn’t follow the rules. “Is that your baby madam?” he said sternly.

Hey You There


Emily’s heart sank as she heard the officer call her out. She couldn’t believe that she had to waste more time for no reason. The airport was too tight and caused her a lot of stress.

The airport border control continued to question her. “What do you have in the bag madam?” “Nothing at all,” Emily said, “just a tired baby who needs to get home urgently”.

“The border control looked at her and said, “open your bag ma’am”

What Do We Have Here


When he looked inside Emily’s bag, he got a surprise. He opened his eyes wide and said “what the heck is this?” Emily got a fright and tried to calm Cory down. He was starting to cry.

What was inside Emily’s bag that was so bad?

Why was the border control giving her such a hard time? The exhausted woman just wanted to go home.

Requesting Back-Up


Just then, a flight check-in agent walked over to her and said, “Ma’am, I’m sorry to inform you that you’ll have to pay extra for your baby. He’s taking up one of the seats.”

Emily was taken aback.

She had never heard of such a thing before. She tried to argue with the agent, but the agent was insistent.

New Rules


Emily was confused. She didn’t understand how her baby could be the reason for such an exorbitant fine.

She asked the cashier to explain, but the cashier simply repeated herself. Emily felt frustrated and helpless.

As she walked towards the counter to pay the fine, she couldn’t help but wonder if there was some sort of conspiracy going on.

Doesn’t Make Sense


As she reached the counter, the cashier looked at her with a smirk on her face. Emily could feel her blood boiling.

She decided to ask the cashier what the problem was, but the cashier just replied with a shrug.

Emily knew that there was something more to this, and she decided to investigate it herself.

I See You


She walked over to the flight check-in desk and asked the attendant if there was any issue with her baby during the flight. The attendant looked at her with confusion.

Emily explained that the people next to her had been complaining about her and the baby throughout the flight.

They made her journey unbearable as a single mother with an infant.



The attendant looked at her with sympathy and explained that they had no such policy for charging passengers for overweight babies.

Emily was relieved to hear this, but she still couldn’t understand why she was being charged such a ridiculous amount.

What were these airlines up to?

Just A Minute


As she turned to leave, the attendant suddenly called out to her. “Wait a minute,” she said. “Let me check something.”

She went through some files on her computer and then turned back to Emily.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “It looks like there was a misunderstanding. We do have a policy for charging extra for infants who use a separate seat on the plane. But your baby was on your lap the whole time, so you don’t have to pay anything extra.”

What’s Going On


Emily was confused. She had never even considered the possibility of having to pay extra for her baby during the flight. Just then a tall man with many shiny badges on his lapel came out.

He seemed to be part of the airport security team. He looked at Emily and said

“You have violated the Biosecurity Act Law by bringing foreign germs and parasites into the country,” the officer said sternly. “You will need to pay a fine.”

Pricey Baby


Emily’s heart sank as the officer quoted the price: $1,844. She couldn’t believe it. How could a baby cost so much money? And why was her baby being blamed for it?

The security man continued to explain Emily’s faults saying that she was bringing foreign germs and parasites into the country.

Were they saying that her baby was contaminated with some disease?

No Turning Back


Emily was bewildered. The border control personnel were scary and intimidating.

They singled her out like a criminal while she had a baby, and now she had to pay a fine.

She had no choice and walked to the cashier to pay the fine. The cashier took one look at her with her large baby who was hanging on her side and smirked to herself.

Illegal Baby


Emily felt betrayed and angry. She did not want to pay the extra fee for her baby and the fine for violating the Biosecurity Act Law.

The border control stood in front of her and asked her “did your baby eat the chicken and lettuce as well? ”

She was stunned. She felt like she had been taken advantage of and was deeply upset. How could she get out of this situation? She couldn’t ask anyone around for help. She was alone.

Pay Your Way


The single mother couldn’t believe it was so much money.

She looked at her baby, Coby, who was still hanging on her side, and wondered how she was going to pay for it all.

She asked the cashier why the fine was so high, and the cashier simply looked at her baby and said, “Because it is. $1844 madam please hurry up.”

Cough It Up


She tried to plead with the officer but to no avail. She was forced to pay the fine of $1844 and was left feeling angry and humiliated.

As she made her way through the airport, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she had been taken advantage of.

This all seems like a bad dream she thought but she was just glad that she and Cory were on their final route home.

Finally Out


As they drove home, Emily realized what had really happened. It had all happened so fast; she couldn’t help but wonder what had caused this nightmare.

She remembered the sandwich from Subway. She opened her bag and saw the remnants of the sandwich.

She realized that the sandwich had caused all of her troubles.

Making Sense


The flight check-in attendant had tried to charge her extra for her baby, knowing that she was already stressed and vulnerable. They were just trying to manipulate her.

They could have let the stupid sandwich thing slide.

Emily felt a mix of anger and frustration. She couldn’t believe that a simple sandwich had led to all of this trouble. She knew that she had to do something about it.

Now That I Think About It


Emily was outraged. How could people be so cruel? She decided to take action, filing complaints against both the airline and the restaurant.

She also made a public statement about her experience, hoping to raise awareness about the mistreatment of parents and babies while traveling.

Emily felt like she had hit a dead end. She didn’t know what to do next. She knew that she couldn’t let this go, but she didn’t know where to turn.

Fighting Back


Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Emily had almost given up hope of ever getting justice. But then, something unexpected happened.

She received a call from a lawyer who had heard about her story. The lawyer offered to help her and take on her case.

Emily was overjoyed. She knew that she finally had a chance to make things right. With the lawyer’s help, she filed a lawsuit against Subway. She was determined to hold them accountable for what they had done.

Airport Tax Laws


The case went to court, and Emily felt like she was finally getting the justice she deserved. She testified about what had happened, and the airport legal team tried to defend themselves.

But in the end, the judge ruled in Emily’s favor, $1844 was too high a fine to pay for bringing a sandwich into the country.

Emily’s story went viral, with thousands of people sharing their own experiences of discrimination and mistreatment while traveling with infants.

Legal Issues Resolved


She contacted Subway and explained what had happened. She hoped that they would take responsibility for their mistake and help her in some way. But Subway was unhelpful and refused to take any responsibility for what had happened.

The airline and Subway both issued apologies and promised to do better in the future.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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