The Best Etsy Gifts For The Office

Many of us know someone who would appreciate a gift to brighten up their office space or to make their office work easier. Here are some of the best gifts I have found of Etsy for an office.

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Gifts under £5

Pens are one of the most useful things to have so why look at getting a personalised pen. These pens come in a range of colours and you can choose from 8 different fonts. You can personalise your pens with a small message. The seller is currently running an offer where if you buy 5 pens you get 5 pens free.

Offices always use a lot of sticky notes. Why not put an interesting spin and buy these planet themed sticky notes. You can choose from a variety of planets and moons and come in packs of 30. They would make a perfect gift for anyone who likes to be different.

Gifts under £10

We all forget to do things but I know some people are more forgetful than others. This habit tracker could make the perfect gift idea as you can track your habits and tick them off when you complete them. This would be perfect for someone who has daily tasks such as replying to emails.

Everyone wants to be more organised. So why not help by gifting a weekly planner. This weekly planner is colourful and has space not only for your weekly schedule but there is a section for top goals, things to remember and reasons to be grateful this week. This planner will not only help with being more organised but will help with promoting positive mental health.

In the last couple of years, video calling has become more and more popular. However, it can be difficult to hold your phone/Ipad while typing or writing notes. This stickman will hold up your phone/Ipad to leave your hands free making it a perfect gift idea.

Mouse mats can brighten up any office space. This marble effect mouse mat which comes in a range of colours looks awesome and protects your work desk from scrapes and scratches from the mouse and keyboard. It’s the perfect gift for any office worker.

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The Best Etsy Gifts For The Office

This funny office quote poster would make a perfect gift as it would brighten up any workspace. This poster defines the office as a room where work should happen but is more often used for drinking coffee and browsing the internet. This makes the perfect gift because who doesn’t spend time in the office drinking coffee.

A possible gift idea is a personalised Lanyard. This lanyard can be used to hold a work id, keys or access cards. You can choose from 8 different colours for the lanyard. You can add a message or name in either black or white, to make it personalised and unique. This is a perfect gift idea as it is useful and practical.

Gifts under £20

Plants brighten up any work environment and this wood and glass hydroponic planter makes a perfect addition to any desk. These are better for the environment as they are made using recycled materials. The science lab, test tube-like design means it’s quirky and unique. This makes the perfect gift because plants offer a sense of calm in the office.

Everyone hates those emails where you have to be polite but you want to tell people they are idiots. This mug makes the perfect gift as it says as per my last email and then ‘stop making stupid comments, I’ve answered your question already in a passive-aggressive way. It says what we always want to say but can’t!

You can’t work without a cup of tea. So this personalised tea mug is perfect for any worker. Everyone uses mugs and so it is a gift that can be used again and again. It has been designed to look like a prescription. You can personalise this mug to include the person’s name as the patient name on the prescription.

If an office mug is not the perfect gift, then why not consider a thermal travel mug. This mug comes in a range of colours to choose from. You can personalise The mug with a name or message to make it special. It stays hot or cool for up to 12 hours but the outside of the mug stays at room temperature. This is the perfect gift because not only can you take your tea with you, but when working you cant always remember to drink your tea and it goes cold. This will prevent that from happening.

Gifts under £50

Work desks can get messy. A desk organizer makes a perfect gift for someone with a messy desk. This organiser comes in a variety of colours and has separate sections to hold different things. This makes the perfect gift idea because it is easier to work when you can find everything.

It is customary to have a picture of your family on your office desk but having this handprint LED Display is a slightly different take on a family picture. It includes a family name and a generic handprint with the names of your family underneath. So you can make it personal to you. You can choose a big, medium or small handprint for each name, meaning it is suitable for all family styles. The picture comes with a LED lightbox on which you can change colour and animation. This makes a perfect gift to brighten up anyone’s office area.

Everyone needs a calendar. This wooden desk calendar reminds you of the day of the week, date and month. It has 3 wooden circles and you rotate the circles a little every day to update them. It is not year specific and so can be used year after year. This is the perfect gift for anyone.

Hopefully, this has helped to find you a gift to help brighten up and office space or to make life easier. You can personalise some of the gift ideas to make them unique and special.

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