i can’t tear myself away from looking, 2018 – vol. 1
i can’t tear myself away from looking
at photos of strangers’ babies
at people before and after weight loss surgery
at vaguely recognisable people drinking cocktails at bars down the road from me.
my cousins share pictures of their kids with weird names
my gran likes that i’m interested in visiting an exhibition that i won’t go to
my dad writes a birthday message to a friend on his own wall that gets thirty something comments and a lot of likes and ha-has
that guy who was on a residency with me ten years ago is still sharing daily devotions, telling me that truth is a powerful and meaningful expression of love!
i really need to water the plants
cut my finger nails
wax my armpits
make the bed
do the laundry
drop all that stuff in my car at the charity shop
swipe my gym card
buy groceries
make dinner

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