Keto Vegan: Essential Guide to Healthy Lifestyle and Easy Weight Loss; With 70 Proven, Simple and Delicious Vegetarian Ketogenic Recipes; Second Edition (Easy Vegan)

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Looking for an easy way to get rid of those pesky excess fats while not deviating from the honorable path of the Vegans? Then the Keto Vegan diet is what you are looking for!Very few diets in the world are as effective and as misunderstood as the Ketogenic Diet! While there are thousands of people out there who are just one step away from embarking on a Keto journey, they are often discouraged due to some misleading information found all around the web.
Crossing this initial “Chasm” of misinterpretation is even more difficult when that individual happens to follow the noble path of Veganism! Finding the proper instructions on how to blend the restrictions of your Vegan diet with that of a Ketogenic Diet might be somewhat tricky at first, but with proper guidance, it eventually turns into a breeze!
This book has been designed to include all the necessary information required to follow a fully-fledged Keto Vegan journey with ease. Since everything here is written in easy to understand bite sized portions, even an amateur will be able to grasp the concept in hours!
Following a Keto Vegan diet comes with essential benefits:Improve weight loss: Following a proper Keto Vegan Diet will not result in you burning of your muscles! Instead, you will burn those excess fats giving you a leaner and attractive physique in no time!Vastly improve the health markers of your body: While you are on a Vegan diet, you are already cleansing your body of the pollutants of this world. With the restrictions of the Keto diet, the cleansing will be further amplified, giving your body a boost of healthiness and improving your health markers such as blood sugar level, cholesterol and so on.Improve concentration and focus: Since energy is now obtained by burning fat (which is abundantly present in your body), you will feel energetic all throughout the day, which will help you to stay focused and concentrated.Enhance your immune system: A Keto Vegan diet helps to greatly improve the immune system of the body and helps to fight against coronary diseases, tumors, cancer, Type-2 Diabetes and so on.Control your appetite: If you have a difficult time controlling your appetite, then a Keto Vegan diet will help you a lot to learn how to “Master” your appetite and gain control over it.These are the just the tip of the Ice Berg! However, you must be wondering now. How does one follow a Keto Diet in general? Well…
The premise of a Ketogenic Diet is fairly simple, lower down your Carb intake so you can encourage your body to enter a state of “Ketosis” and influence it to burn more fat instead of carbohydrates.
Once you have discovered the rules, tips and tricks and amazing advantages of the Keto Vegan, be ready to go through the mouthwatering 70 recipes included in this book that will help to energize and trim down your body in no time!2nd Edition Now With a More Detailed Guide & 70+ Compliant and Yummy Recipes!

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ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1987735338
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