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M/24/180CM [92kg December 2022 > 79kg July 2023 = -13kg] Weight loss progress

M/24/180CM [92kg December 2022 > 79kg July 2023 = -13kg] Weight loss progress

Thank all of u here for inspiration and motivation!! After literally thousands tries of every single diet out here existing and almost a decade trying different stuff i realized a diet is just for temporary change. A lifestyle change is for a lifetime. In December 2022 I took some steps back and sat in silence with myself and tried to analyze everything i did and ate and how I sabotaged myself into always gaining the lots of weight I lost back. It was much simpler then I really ever thought of, my bad relationship with food and labeling stuff with “good” & “bad. This group has been such a tool for me aswel, learning from other people their mistakes and victories. I don’t calories I use intuitive eating, I must say I have counted calories for almost 2 years so I advice if you start out just take atleast some time to get to know whats in the food types what u like and eat alot to get some grip how much calories is in the food you eat and like.

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