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M/34/5’7.5 [320>198 = 122 lbs] (12 years) Gained a bit back… but I’m making progress

Took a walk down memory lane looking through old files.

If anyone needs inspiration

Here I am 2011 … I was a whopping 320 lbs.
I dieted down to 150 lbs over the next few years but gained quite a bit of covid period weight to hit 225 lbs.

Diet was based on Lyle McDonald’s articles and books. Mainly, A Guide to Flexible Dieting.

Things are back on track and now I’m down to 198 lbs.

Right now I still use Flexible Dieting and MyNetDiary to count calories.

Honestly, I felt like the fattest person on earth … as I’ve gained so much… until it hit me that I’m still 120 lbs lighter.

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