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Met RX Meal Replacement – Scientifically Developed Protein Nutrition Bars

Met RX Meal Replacement bars are a lifesaver for those who are too busy after a strenuous workout to take time to sit down for their nutrition shake. Sometimes, difficult gym schedules make getting to that next appointment on time a real problem that can be compounded when there isn’t a simple way of giving your body that added protein burst that it needs to get you through the rest of the day. This is why so many enjoy the convenience of high-energy protein bars that can be eaten while rushing down the road.

However, Met RX makes a very tasty high-protein shake formula that comes in powdered form after workout breaks. Shake powder is available in flavors like berry blast, original vanilla, and an extreme chocolate flavor that seems to be a favorite at many area gyms. The Met RX protein shakes are a meal replacement shake for those who are on a training routine that requires many small meals per day. While the shake powder does not travel as well if you are jogging off to your next appointment, it can travel if necessary.

The Met RX Meal Replacement bars come in a size called the Met RX Big 100 bar that has a full 27g of Metamyosyn protein that is easy to digest and works quickly inside of the body to get the job done. These bars can be combined with a shake powder drink to support a total nutrition diet if necessary. The Met RX Company is well-known within the bodybuilding industry for having a product that tastes as good as the flavors sound on the wrapper. The top three flavors seem to be:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Peanut Butter Cookie Dough
  • Chocolate Chip Graham Cracker

The nutritious Met RX Meal Replacement bars and shake powder are normally used by people who are participating in sports-oriented training routines where muscles are receiving a workout and need food designed to give the body helpful ingredients that promote muscle regeneration and growth. However, in recent years, high-protein food bars are being used by many other members of the public that have schedules that do not always allow time for proper meals. The US president claims that he eats nutrition bars.

With the Met RX Big 100 bar variety of flavors, and the shake powder coming in another variety of flavors, there is never any reason for people to become bored with this company’s scientifically developed product line. For convenience, Met RX offers various packages of flavors so that there are flavor choices available for every mood or situation. Bars make great snacks for business meetings, trips, and for those days when leaving your desk is hard to do at work.

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