Processed Food Addict: Is This Me? Why You Can’t Stop Eating Junk Food and How to Permanently Break the Cycle of Yo-Yo Dieting, Bingeing, and Starving

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Breaking the Cycle of Yo-Yo Dieting is Hard…

Too many people blame themselves for having no willpower when it comes to staying on a diet or food plan. After they have surrendered to the desire again and the cravings kick in, they pass through the well-known cycle of a binge, finally emerging, determined not to ingest processed foods again.

“I lost twenty pounds four months ago, but now it has all come back.”

Processed Food Addiction Is a Disease That Can’t Be Controlled by Willpower

The reality is that an ever-growing number of people may be suffering under the weight of an addiction—a processed food addiction—without knowing it.

Author Karren-Lee Raymond, PhD, is an internationally recognized practitioner, researcher, and pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of processed food addiction. She knows that until the addict is aware that their craving is a disease, they are in its control. In Processed Food Addict: Is This Me? Why You Can’t Stop Eating Junk Food and How to Permanently Break the Cycle of Yo-Yo Dieting, Bingeing, and Starving, Dr. Raymond provides evidence that an addiction to processed food is just as insidious and deadly as every other kind of addiction.

Dr. Raymond contends that a processed food addiction is an addiction just like alcoholism, and is a disease rather than a behavioral disorder. This is in direct contrast to the current models of treating food addiction in the same way that gambling is treated.

“William Silkworth, MD, laid the philosophical foundation for Bill W and Dr. Bob to create Alcoholics Anonymous, the very first Twelve Step group. Karren-Lee Raymond, PhD, has opened the door for all those lost in the disease of processed food addiction. Perhaps now, even those who came to scoff will find peace of mind and a new way of life.”—Donald J. Kurth, MD, MBA, MPA, Chief of Addiction Medicine (Retired), Behavioral Medicine Center, Loma Linda University; Past President and Distinguished Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine

In Processed Food Addict you’ll discover that

  • Processed food addiction is an incurable disease
  • You are not alone
  • Willpower is NOT the answer
  • There is a solution
  • You CAN be released from this deadly obsession

Processed Food Addict: Is This Me? sheds light on the reality of the insidious nature of a processed food addiction, and it engages with readers so they learn more about this subtle disease that is taking shape under so many disguises.

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