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Roasted Sweet Potato and Beetroot Salad (easy recipe)

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This sweet potato and beetroot salad is a fab dinner for two. Or why not make extra and invite friends over for a great night in!

If you love roasted vegetables then you’ll love this hearty vegan salad that’s packed to the brim with nutrients.

You will fall in love with this sweet potato beetroot salad in a heart-beet!

We love sweet potatoes, don’t you? As top root vegetables they make marvellous mash, and wonderful wedges, but if it’s the first time you’ve had them in a healthy salad, you’ll find they’re super!

One great thing we love is unlike your standard spud, sweet potatoes actually count as 1 of your 5-a-day, and may even reduce the risk of cancer.

What food compliments beetroot?

Beets go with sweet potatoes like a match made in veggie heaven, they give a great contrast in colour and texture to this amazing roasted sweet potato salad.

Are beet salads good for you?

Beetroot has great nutritional value as it is full of vitamin C, potassium and fibre as well as also having great health benefits like sweet potatoes.

Can you eat raw beetroot in a salad?

Just like carrots, you can eat raw beet or cooked beet – some people even love roast beetroot. This delicious salad calls for cooked beetroot, but don’t worry, we’ve saved you time by suggesting you buy it pre-cooked.

The sweet potatoes, on the other hand, need to roast on a baking tray (use some parchment paper so they don’t stick!) for about 40-45 minutes with a little olive oil.

Quick tip though, if next time you find you are stretched for time, why not cook them the day before, then just heat them through before serving.

There are so many stars in this sweet potato and beetroot salad showstopper

Sweet potatoes are a great substitute in low-calorie meals because they have the filling power of white potatoes without all the added carbohydrates.

Also in this bursting beets and sweet potatoes recipe, we have baby spinach which is rich in iron, vitamin A, C and K, not to mention all the goodness in the chickpeas!

If you’re looking to lose weight and don’t want to feel hungry meals like this healthy roasted sweet potato salad is a great way to fill you up. Which is just what you need to fuel your day.

Healthy veggie meals that help you look and feel great!

A salad with sweet potato and beets makes a great evening meal. At only 548 calories it is around the right amount of calories that we would recommend for a main meal.

The great thing is most vegetables are naturally low in fat; this recipe has just 2g of saturated fat.

Did you know? People on well balanced vegetarian diets tend to have a lower BMI than their fellow meat-eaters!

That’s why our weekly weight-loss meal plan would be a great start if you’re looking to implement a healthy vegetarian lifestyle and drop the pounds too.

Super sweet potato and beet salad dressing for the win!

As if it can’t get any more scrummy, combine dressing ingredients like lemon juice, maple syrup and peanut butter to create an amazing citrusy vinaigrette, which is perfect for our salad (you could even top it with some vegan cheese!).

If that gets your taste buds tingling it will make a great entry into your vegetarian recipe repertoire, so try it today!

Just starting out on your veggie or vegan journey? Why not check out more of our delicious recipes to inspire you.

How to make quick sweet potato and beetroot salad

As we mentioned earlier, you can speed things up by cooking the sweet potato the day before.

If you REALLY want to speed things up, you can also cook sweet potato in the microwave.

A large sweet potato needs about 4-5 minutes at 1000W (just adjust up or down a bit depending on your microwave).

Don’t forget to pierce the sweet potato with a fork a couple of times first. You do NOT want to put an unpierced potato in the microwave, please trust us on this one!

To check if it is cooked, poke it with a knife. It should slice in easily. If not, cook another thirty seconds and try again.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Beetroot Salad


Smooth and hearty meets sweet and crunchy, this sweet potato and beetroot salad has got it going on!

  • Preheat the oven to 220°C.
  • Wash the sweet potato thoroughly and slice it lengthwise in half. Put them on a baking tray and coat both halves with the olive oil and a big pinch of salt.

    16 oz sweet potato, 1 tsp olive oil, ¼ tsp salt

  • Bake in the oven for 40-45 minutes or until they are tender.
  • Meanwhile, dice the beet and chop the spring onion finely.

    10 oz beetroot, pre-cooked, 2 spring onions

  • In a small bowl whisk together the lemon juice, soy sauce, peanut butter, maple syrup, and hot water until incorporated.

    2 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 2 tbsp peanut butter, 2 tbsp maple syrup, 6 tbsp hot water

  • To serve, cut each potato half lengthwise and top with baby spinach, chickpeas, beets and spring onion.

    2 oz baby spinach, 1.5 cups chickpeas, cooked

  • Finally drizzle some sauce across, season with salt and pepper per taste.

Nutrition Facts

Roasted Sweet Potato and Beetroot Salad

Amount per Serving

% Daily Value*

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


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