Siblings Learn Their Real Background After Being Reunited

Meeting Again

They stood with eyes glued to each other, not believing what they were looking at. The moment was rife with mixed emotions. Despite their many differences, the pair could no longer doubt who they were now.

With a tearful embrace, they set to discussing the way forward. By the end, they knew it was time to confront their families about the truth kept from them for so many years.

Meet Connor

NYU Steinhardt

Connor Richards grew up in a well-to-do part of upstate New York. His mom and dad were successful executives at the top of their fields, giving Connor everything he craved in life. Although Connor never wanted anything, he always wished he had a sibling as an only child.

He grew into a respectable young man, showing prowess in art that made his parents proud. At 18, he got into NYU’s art and media program. Overjoyed to pursue his passion, he had no idea what fate had in store for him.

Meet Jaden

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Jaden Jackson was also 18, like Connor. But unlike the art lover, he led a completely different life. Growing up in a poorer region of the Tri-State Area, his parents worked hard to ensure they raised him well.

Jaden was an only child too. He’d also shown to be a quick study with an aptitude for STEM subjects. However, unlike Connor, he faced an added challenge that made his life more difficult.

The Big Difference

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Connor’s family could afford his college tuition with ease. But Jaden’s family found it challenging to do so despite the 18-year-old being a brilliant young mind ready to further his education.

While Jaden was thrilled at the prospect of applying to some of the best colleges across the country, he knew their tuition ranges were far beyond his family’s reach. Fortunately, he was as resourceful as he was determined.

Getting In

NYU Steinhardt

Jaden was ecstatic to learn he’d been accepted to NYU under their science program. He searched for ways to finance his studies without putting more pressure on his parents.

He discovered that the school’s funding programs could cover a percentage of his tuition, leaving a few expenses he’d need to deal with alone. What he’d accomplish next would prove that he belonged in such a prestigious school.

Finding A Way

NYU School of Arts and Science

At 18, Jaden wrote a robust scientific research paper that secured him a spot in the school through a scholarship. His worries over funding his education ebbed, and he began preparing for college.

Now that he’d secured his place at NYU, he and Connor would start the next part of their lives simultaneously and at the same institution. The two didn’t know what this coincidence would lead to.

Fate’s Hand

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Although Connor and Jayden went to the same university, they pursued completely different majors. As such, it seemed like they’d never cross paths.

But fate had a plan for them. The two didn’t need to have an accidental meeting because a brilliant and equally beautiful girl would bring them together. Her name was Laurie Jackman.

Meet Laurie

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Laurie was a collaborative art student at NYU. She had a bubbly personality and the most disarming smile. Known to make friends everywhere she went, her faculty was making a film project that needed some cool tech.

Her faculty called on students from the science and engineering school to collaborate with them. This was how the fantastic Laurie got acquainted with Jaden Jackson.

Have We Met Before?

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Jaden found himself drawn to Laurie’s energetic and welcoming personality. He was also intrigued by her gifts as a filmmaker. Her prowess as an aspiring director and her eye for melding science into filmmaking left him speechless.

However, Jaden stood out to Laurie for a different reason. She was already Connor Richard’s friend since they shared a few classes. But when she met Jaden, she noticed something remarkable: He was the spitting image of Connor, although with one mindboggling difference.

How Can We Be Related?


Laurie could swear the two boys looked so much like each other. To her, they could easily pass as twins. She kept sharing this thought with Connor, who only laughed and paid her no mind.

He found amusement in Laurie’s words because apart from growing up as an only child, he was white, while the student Laurie kept referring to was black. How could they be related?

The Introduction


Laurie still insisted that they meet. This was how Connor Richards and Jaden Jackson met for the first time when both were eighteen years old. They studied each other’s faces intently. Laurie had to suppress her laughter when she saw how stunned they were.

With Laurie in the middle as their new best friend, the boys began spending much more time together. As the boys spoke more and compared family histories, it triggered the researcher in Jaden. After disappearing for a day, he contacted them with some urgent news. He had found out the truth and a picture that proved it.

The Truth


Even though Connor found the resemblance astounding, he just chalked it off as a remarkable coincidence. However, Jaden couldn’t let go of a troubling part of their stories.

He managed to dig up old records of the boys’ births and discovered a shocking truth. They really were twins. However, what was more shocking was the story of how two boys of different races, who had never met and were raised by two different families, could be identical twins.

The Story


Jaden had found it strange that Connor’s parents had tried to have a child for years before they eventually conceived him through IVF. Meanwhile, Jaden’s parents saved up for years to do the same.

According to his parents, they had been unsuccessful and had to abandon their attempt as they did not have enough money to try again. However, it didn’t matter because a ‘miracle’ allowed them to have Jaden anyway. However, Jaden discovered they had left out one significant fact.

The Mix Up

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Jaden and Connor were still stunned about being twins. When the boys discovered the truth, they embraced and were ecstatic. It also meant that they had to confront their parents. Jaden’s meticulous research revealed that the IVF clinic had mixed up their fathers’ samples.

Jaden’s mother and Connor’s father were the cause of their families’ inability to conceive. However, the mix-up had resulted in Jaden’s father’s sample fertilizing one of Connor’s mother’s eggs. As fate would have it, that embryo split and gave birth to twin boys, one black and one white.

A Painful Decision

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The clinical error was the only reason the boys were born. Rather than being angry, the families saw it as a ‘miracle’. When the Richards learned that the Jacksons had used all their savings, they agreed to each raise one of the boys as their own. In the end, the two families were relieved that Connor and Jaden weren’t angry and were actually ecstatic to finally have a sibling. This was how two very different families became one, all thanks to a very special friend each had in common.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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