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Written by Eminem and produced by Dr. Dre and Mel Man, the Real Slim Shady is a hip-hop song written by Eminem for his second album, Marshall Mathers. It was released as a lead single a week before the album’s release. This song was later released in 2005 on the greatest hits album Curtain Call: The Hits. The Real Slim Shady was Eminem’s first song to reach no. 1 on the UK singles chart and also peaked at the no. 4 on Billboard Hot 100, giving him his biggest hit up to that time.

Well, it was one of my friends who began to tittle-tattle about the slimmest cell phones on the market. Soon everybody was starting pouring in. This was the time I realized that patently everybody wants to be a real slim shady. Of course not those corpulent conky gluttons fueling the engine of their body half a dozen times during a day.

Eating beyond the elastic limit of your tummy is sheer injustice and disseverance of Hook’s law. In the beginning, it may seem to be innocuous but believe me it’s time to run ignonioumosly. You’ll be often made a laughing stock. So mark my words, obey the Quran which asks you to eat in medium amounts that’ll mitigate the sufferings of your body as well as of your soul.

You know that eating the right food will keep your figure slim and elegant, but it is also proven that consuming the correct ingredients can also make your skin glow, hair shine, and nails stronger and achieve a perfect body. Of course, water the most important thing for your health is water that allows your kidneys to function better, which in turn helps skin avoid a sallow, tired look.

Fish and chicken have to be the main foods in your healthy diet. They both contain fatty acid compounds that help reduce inflammation in the body. These foods will help you with problems like puffy eyes, pronounced fine lines, and sagging skin. Fruits, especially berries and melons both are low-sugar fruits and help make skin firm and taut. Try to avoid high-sugar foods like pineapple and grapes.

Looking for a quick weight loss diet plan that doesn’t include eating a tasteless 300 cal. diet? People believe that one has to drastically cut calories to lose weight. This is just an illusion. You need calories for your metabolism, anabolism, and metamorphosis to go on smoothly. Keep on reading and listening- you won’t believe how easy it is.

There are some very effective diet plans for effective weight loss online. So move on. But to my utter dismay, the youth are taking the shelter of slim pills and those organizations who guarantee a sexy, slim body within a month or so. Beauty has become such a craving nowadays that people blindly consume those detrimental pills and those organizations housing a pack of poltroons at the cost of anything.

According to doctors these renowned institutes and pills are not at all safe and might become a precursor of complex life-risking diseases such as PCOD (polycystic ovaries), less fertile ovum, irregular ovulation, hypermenorrhea, dysmenorrhoea, etc.

Obesity is another disease in most young girls and women due to which these revolutions and craze of making the size zero have come up. It is such a disease or a precursor of all other diseases which can be a dreadful threat to mankind. The question which now springs up is that what does Obese mean?

It is nothing like a taboo but merely the accumulation of unsaturated fat (cholesterol) in various body parts that leads to various serious diseases such as PCOD, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and even congestive heart failure (stroke).

So awareness about obesity to the rank and file should be done as soon as possible and it should be controlled by consulting a proper dietician, practicing yoga, and aerobics, and not starving but eating a healthy diet rich in fiber, proteins, and vitamins, and avoiding your dearest junk foods (burgers, pizzas, carbonic drinks, etc.)

The fair sexes generally have more concern for possessing a slim, glistening figure. You see slim and fit women who were once overweight. You see before and after success stories. So you know there is a way – but in a marketplace full of gimmicks, how do you know who to trust.

Have you ever seen what a fitness or figure competitor looks like? Understand, I’m not talking about a “figure model” as you’d see in a bikini catalog or model lingerie on the catwalk, or the latest SRK six-pack (someone told me about a ten-pack!) Wonder what a person would look like!) Sure many of them have very nice figures but only at first glance.

Take a much closer look and analyse their body composition and metabolisms and you’ll find that they are not in such great condition after all. Most of them are not that athletic looking. Some of them are scary skinny!

The world surely is going slim and nano, right from your iPod to your mobile and finally to your notebook. Not to forget your beloved plasma TV. Candidly saying there is a definite elite in being slim- a pleasing elite invigorating vigor. For me, it is stabilizing my moment of inertia. Hope you too feel the same…Do write.

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