Teacher Fired Over Car Restoration Gets Last Laugh

Not What He Expected

Travis had a wide grin on his face as he pulled into the school parking lot that morning. He expected to see impressed looks from his students when he cruised by. It was soon apparent that he was not going to get such a reception from everyone.

Students did give the car admiring stares as it passed. Soon it was drawing attention; too much attention. The principal suddenly appeared in the lot, obviously attracted by the commotion. He waited for Travis to jump out, the grimace of anger on his face already letting Travis know he was in trouble.

The Young Guy

Teacher Fired Over Car Restoration Gets Last Laugh

YouTube – Dr. Kyle Cohen

Travis Allen loved being an educator. Knowing that he was able to shape the young minds of tomorrow was a great source of pride for him. As a faculty member, he was popular, despite being a lot younger than most of the other teachers.

His younger age of course endeared him more to the students. After all, they could relate to him and he to them. All in all, Travis’s teaching career so far had been going great. That was until he received some devastating news.

The Odd Pairing

Teacher Fired Over Car Restoration Gets Last Laugh

YouTube – David Hoffman

Travis and Frederick Stanmore were an odd pairing in the teacher’s lounge. The two teachers were best friends despite Travis being the youngest teacher at the school and Frederick the oldest.

When Frederick suddenly became ill and passed away, Travis naturally took it the hardest. Feeling like he needed to pay his respects in a more personal way, after the wake, Travis decided to visit Frederick’s widow.

Mrs. Stanmore

Teacher Fired Over Car Restoration Gets Last Laugh

YouTube – CBS Evening News

Mrs. Stanmore now lived alone in an isolated house roughly 12 miles away from the school. His visit turned out to be a fortuitous one and the grieving widow was very grateful that he had taken the time to make it.

After chatting a bit and sharing their favorite stories of “Freddy” with each other, Travis began getting ready to leave. As Travis gave Freddy’s wife one last consoling hug, Mrs. Stanmore told him she needed to show him something in the garage before he left.

Freddy’s Spot

Teacher Fired Over Car Restoration Gets Last Laugh


The garage itself turned out to be a little cluttered but had Freddy’s touch all over it. Looking around at all the tool boxes and old sports memorabilia, Travis immediately realized why they were there.

Travis moved automatically to the center of the garage. The object that lay under an old tarp was instantly recognizable and Travis’s heart began racing as Mr’s. Stanmore began pulling it off.

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