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Vegan Bodybuilding 101 – Meal Plans, Recipes and Nutrition: A Guide to Building Muscle, Staying Lean, and Getting Strong the Vegan Way (Revised Edition)

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It is a huge misconception that veganism and building muscle are mutually exclusive. Society has taught us to believe that eating meat is correlated with being “macho” and you need it to build great muscle. Well that unfortunately might be a stereotype, but it is not a fact. When you have a plan and adjust accordingly, than getting great results on a vegan bodybuilding diet is just as easy as it would be with any other plan.

And that is the purpose of this book.

Inside, you will learn the trials and errors that vegans make when they start building muscle, and how to get optimal results out of a plant-powered diet. This book is not only centered around vegan bodybuilding but also covers vegan health benefits, supplements, bodybuilding recipes and saving money! Be prepared to feel great, have energy you never had before and make the best gains of your life!

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