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26 Brilliant Vegan Seafood Recipes

These vegan seafood recipes are so tasty, they just might be your final motivation to go full vegan.

Vegan Seafood RecipesThese vegan seafood recipes are a must-have for even non-vegans. Cooking a yummy sushi, chowder, seaweed or crab cakes dish without actual sea animals is the best thing you can do. | The Green Loot #vegan #veganrecipes

If there is a will, there is a way. Nothing proves that sentiment better, than these brilliant recipes by brilliant food bloggers.

Are you addicted to tuna? I’ve got good news for you. You can make it from jackfruit.

Is shrimp your absolute favorite food, like ever? What if I told you, that there is way to eat food that looks and tastes like it, but doesn’t contain any actual cute shrimps?

Yeah. Vegan food is magic.

Plants are magic.

Also… #fisharefriendsnotfood

1. Shiitake Nigiri

Vegan Shiitake Nigiri
Photo: Olives for Dinner

Sticky sushi rice gets topped with shiitake mushrooms in this great vegan sushi recipe. The marinade is a special mix of ingredients like soy, sesame oil, mirin and chilis that infuse the mushroom caps with the best flavors of Asian cooking.

2. Carrot Lox

Vegan Carrot Lox
Photo: The Colorful Kitchen

A bagel with cream cheese and lox is one of those treats you might have thought you’d have to give up forever. But carrot strips flavored with tamari, liquid smoke and kelp seasoning offer up the smoky, salty taste of lox that perfectly complements your favorite vegan cream cheese.

3. Lentil “Tuna”

Vegan Lentil Tuna Spread
Photo: The Green Loot

If you miss tuna salad, you’ll love this vegan version that’s made with basic pantry staples. Lentils stand in for the tuna and get seasoned the way you like to make a hearty spread you can whip up fast in a food processor or mash with a fork.

3. Crabless Cakes with Tartar Sauce

Vegan Crabless Cakes with Tartar Sauce
Photo: Hot For Food Blog

Sweet, tender crab cakes fried crispy on the outside are a seafood treat, and you can still enjoy them as a vegan. This mix of marinated artichoke hearts, shallots and celery is held together by chickpea flour that’s easy to find at most larger grocery stores or online.

4. King Oyster Mushroom “Scallops” and Pasta

Vegan King Oyster Mushroom "Scallops" and Pasta
Photo: Fork and Beans

King oyster mushroom stems are the perfect thickness and texture to stand in for scallops. They’re soaked in a garlicky marinade of vegetable broth and white wine to create the flavor of fresh scallops and are served over pasta and chopped tomatoes tossed in a white wine sauce.

5. Lobster Roll

Vegan Lobster Roll
Photo: The Colorful Kitchen

These vegan lobster rolls mimic the taste and texture of the real thing thanks to canned hearts of palm. This vegetable has a subtle flavor profile that lets it take on the flavors of the other ingredients like Old Bay seasoning and dill. You don’t have to miss lobster anymore!

6. Jackfruit Tuna Salad

Vegan Jackfruit Tuna Salad
Photo: Veganosity

Canned green jackfruit not only absorbs the flavors of the other ingredients but has a meaty texture that works perfectly as a tuna substitute. Be sure to choose green jackfruit in brine, easy to find online, to make this tuna salad. Ripe jackfruit is sweet and unsuitable for savory dishes.

7. Sweet Potato Sushi

Vegan Sweet Potato Sushi
Photo: Connoisseurus Veg

Roasted sweet potatoes make up the filling of this delicious vegan sushi. One large sweet potato rubbed with sesame oil and maple syrup is the simple main ingredient. You’ll also need nori sheets, sushi rice and a little patience to master your sushi rolling technique!

8. “Fish” Sauce

Vegan Fish Sauce
Photo: Feasting At Home

Fish sauce is a staple in so many Asian recipes that when you leave it out, it shows. Soy sauce, dried mushrooms and dried seaweed make up this easy vegan fish sauce that will elevate your cooking to the next level and help you veganize all your favorite Asian dishes.

9. Fish Fingers

Vegan Fish Fingers
Photo: Delightful Vegans

Vegan fish fingers bring back the nostalgia of childhood fish-stick dinners and make a simple, comforting meal anytime. Easy, homemade vegan fish sauce and aquafaba (the brine from a can of chickpeas) turn hard tofu into this fun finger-food meal.

10. Clam Chowder

Vegan Clam Chowder
Photo: Vegan Huggs

You don’t have to give up the great taste of New England clam chowder just because you’re vegan. Cashews and plant milk make a rich, velvety base flavored with broth, white wine and veggies, while chopped mushrooms offer the texture of clams.

11. Crab Cream Cheese Wontons

Vegan Crab Cream Cheese Wontons
Photo: The Baking Fairy

If crab appetizers used to be one of your favorite Chinese dishes, you’ll love these vegan crab wontons! Vegan cream cheese and hearts of palm recreate the fluffy cream cheese and crab filling. Use wonton wrappers or the simple dough of flour and water for these crispy snacks!

12. Tofu Sushi Bowl

Vegan Tofu Sushi Bowl
Photo: Umami Girl

Vegan sushi bowls offer all the great flavors of sushi without the need to master your rolling technique! Nori sheets are torn into strips to enhance this bowl of sushi rice, tofu and vegetables that are lightly coated in a sweet citrus dressing.

13. King Oyster Mushroom Shrimp

Vegan King Oyster Mushroom Shrimp
Photo: Olives for Dinner

Shrimp has a distinct texture and flavor that’s hard to reproduce, but king oyster mushrooms manage to pull it off! Marinated, sliced mushroom stems are breaded, fried and served with a sweet and spicy sauce to make this amazing vegan shrimp recipe.

14. Fish Burger with Pretzel Rolls

Vegan Fish Burger with Pretzel Rolls
Photo: Elephantastic Vegan

Firm tofu seasoned with dill, curry powder, paprika and seaweed is breaded in panko crumbs and fried to perfection to make this yummy “fish” burger patty. Add the garlicky yogurt sauce and an easy homemade pretzel roll to make one fantastic vegan seafood sandwich.

15. Seafood-less Gumbo

Vegan Seafood-less Gumbo
Photo: Holy Cow Vegan

Vegan gumbo is as delicious as the original and so easy to make. Okra, mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, soy sauce, Cajun seasoning and canned beans are some of the simple ingredients in this hearty soup that’s also fat-free and gluten-free.

16. Tartar Sauce 4 Ways

Vegan Tartar Sauce 4 Ways
Photo: Contedness Cooking

Don’t forget to make tartar sauce for great vegan dishes like shrimp-less fried shrimp and crab-less crab cakes! It’s simple to make in four different flavor varieties with ingredients like vegan mayo, vegan Worcestershire (read the ingredients to watch out for anchovies) and simple additions like mustard, dill or parsley.

17. Calamari

Vegan Calamari
Photo: Astig Vegan

King oyster mushroom stems torn into strips perfectly mimic the look and feel of calamari! Old Bay seasoning gives the mushrooms a traditional seafood flavor, while panko bread crumbs help them fry up crispy. Don’t forget your favorite vegan tartar or chili sauce for dipping.

18. Smoked Carrot Salmon

Vegan Smoked Carrot Salmon
Photo: Blue Raven

Smoked salt and tamari turn strips of carrots into a delectable vegan version of smoked salmon. If you can’t find smoked salt, smoked paprika along with the crumbled nori sheets in the marinade will lend the carrots that familiar smoky seafood flavor.

20. Baja “Fish” Tacos with Chipotle Cream

Vegan Baja "Fish" Tacos with Chipotle Cream
Photo: Carrots and Flowers

This vegan recipe means you’ll never miss Baja fish tacos again. Strips of portobello mushroom caps are coated in aquafaba and chickpea flour and fried to make a perfect stand-in for fish. Chipotle cashew cream and cilantro lime slaw whip up fast as taco toppings!

21. Sushi Bowl with Sesame Seaweed Tofu

Vegan Sushi Bowl with Sesame Seaweed Tofu
Photo: Fanny The Foodie

The fresh flavors of a basic sushi bowl dressed lightly with soy sauce and sriracha are one of the simple pleasures of healthy vegan eating. Tofu serves as the protein in this easy but delicious bowl filled with sushi rice, beets, radishes, edamame, avocado, carrots and kale.

22. Baja Fish Taco Bowls

Vegan Baja Fish Taco Bowls
Photo: My Darling Vegan

Vegan fish sticks made with hearts of palm and a rich beer batter are the key ingredients in these delicious fish taco bowls. Baja sauce made with vegan mayo and lime juice, cabbage slaw and your preferred toppings give these easy bowls all your favorite fish taco flavors.

23. Crab Rangoon

Vegan Crab Rangoon
Photo: May I Have That Recipe

Hearts of palm and roasted red peppers combine beautifully with vegan cream cheese and traditional wonton wrappers to make a scrumptious vegan version of crab rangoon. Capers lend a seafood flavor to the filling, while Buffalo sauce adds a kick to these impressive appetizers.

24. Tofu Fish and Chips

Vegan Tofu Fish and Chips
Photo: Elephantastic Vegan

You’ll have a hard time finding a better vegan fish substitute than this homemade “Tofish and Chips” version. Firm tofu and nori sheets are coated in a simple batter made from a flour mixture and seltzer water to give the “fish” filets the perfect texture when fried.

25. Cucumber Avocado Nori Rolls

Vegan Cucumber Avocado Nori Rolls
Photo: Chocolate and Zucchini

Nori sheets, cucumbers, avocado and tofu make the wonderful filling of these nori rolls. The fresh taste of the vegetables is enhanced with a touch of chili powder and soy sauce for dipping. Use any of your favorite dips or additions to make this simple and healthy dish your own.

26. Fish Taco Bowl

Vegan Fish Taco Bowl
Photo: Veggies Don’t Bite

In this easy vegan fish taco bowl, chopped hearts of palm soak up the flavors of dulse seaweed flakes and lime juice to provide the seafood taste and texture, while cabbage slaw and pico de gallo add delicious Mexican flair.

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26 Brilliant Vegan Seafood Recipes

These tasty vegan seafood recipes are a must-have for even non-vegans. Make yummy sushi, chowder, seaweed or crab cakes the cruelty-free way!

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