5 Dieting Errors You Need to Avoid

1. Thinking that crash diets will work

Short-term restrictive diets will not work in the long term. Sure, you can restrict your calorie intake to under 1,000 per day and lose 10 pounds in a week or two but it is virtually impossible for anyone to sustain over time. Your best bet is to change your lifestyle habits and plan for the long term.

2. Not eating breakfast

Many people don’t eat breakfast and some think that not having this meal in the morning will actually help them lose weight as they are eating less calories. However, breakfast can actually reduce your hunger throughout the day and when you skip this meal people tend to get hungry and eat more than they rather would have.

3. Not counting the snacks

People on a diet tend to be very watchful of how many calories they consume during their main meals. But people tend to forget about the snack in between. Often they think that the snack is small and there is no point in counting it as part of their diet regime. However, these snacks can add up over the day and you may actually be surprised at how many calories you are eating.

4. Eating too many diet meals

Low-fat or diet meals are an important way to keep the number of calories you consume down. But many people think that they can eat more of these meals than they otherwise would have. The fact is, you can actually exceed your calorie count easily by loading up on low-fat meals.

5. Not counting the calories in drinks

People on diets tend to focus on food and forget about the drink they consume. There can be just as many calories in a drink than in a full-sized dinner or lunch. Make sure you include drinks like coffee, shakes and orange juice in your calorie count.

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Source by Sherry T. Turner

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