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Do Any Of These 5 ANNOYING Setbacks Keep You From Dieting And Exercising? Here’s How To Fix Them!

It’s bad enough trying to get and stay motivated with a diet and exercise program itself, but then you have some really annoying things pop up that become setbacks to keeping you from reaching your goals to make matters worse!

This has happened to me SEVERAL times before, and after years of headaches, (and FINALLY figuring out ways around setbacks), I’m now here to help you work around these setbacks so that you can stay committed to your goals… no matter what!

Okay, here are those 5 annoying setbacks and what I recommend you do to get around them:

1. You get sick…

If this happens, then as far as exercise is concerned, I recommend you stop working out until you feel better. Continuing fitness can make things worse with your illness. If you can, the most I recommend you do is to at least go for a light walk or just keep somewhat active in your home.

As far as nutrition is concerned, there are of course some illnesses (such as the Flu) that not only makes it difficult to eat healthy, but to eat period! The best thing I recommend is to of course stay as hydrated as possible with WATER and unsweetened tea (all teas are fine). Also, I recommend that you have a natural batch of healthy chicken soup (not the store bought canned stuff). This way you’ll stick to a healthy diet and you’ll get better at the same time!

2. Things keep coming up and you can’t get your workout in…

Uhh! I hate when that happens! I remember getting so pumped to do a workout, I get everything all set up, and then something comes up! It could be important phone calls, you having to go pick someone up, something with your job or business, something dealing with the family, you just remembered appointments you got to go to, etc.

My advice to you if you have this type of busy lifestyle where things pop up a lot (and most of the time… unexpectedly), is one of two things (or both)…

One, I recommend that you get up an hour earlier and get your workout in first thing in the morning. This of course is perfect if you workout at home. However, if you go to the gym, there are plenty of gyms that either have early opening hours or they are open 24 hours.

Two, another thing you can do are a few short 5-10 minute body weight circuit routines throughout the day. By the end of the day, you would have up to 30 minutes or more of fitness without setbacks getting in the way!

3. You can’t afford or don’t have the space for exercise equipment…

No problem. Use your body. It works just as well!

4. You can’t fight off temptations when going to the grocery store…

There is nothing worse than being on a diet and then you go to the grocery store and smell all of those wonderful foods. Then you see those “sneaky” packaged bad foods that seem to call out to you! Then you may come across those bins where you can scoop out all kinds of goodies (chocolate covered pretzels, candies, and more) that are sitting there taunting you! Then you walk pass the bakery section and see (and smell) all those amazing pastries, cookies, and cakes!


What do you do?!

Well, the best recommendation for this is pretty simple. Make sure you eat VERY WELL (and healthy of course) and drink lots of water before going food shopping. Works like a charm!

5. You keep feeling hungry a lot throughout the day…

The solution to this problem rests within the type of diet you are on. The best types of diets that not only fix this problem but are the best diets to go on to lose weight, burn fat, and get in great shape in the first place are programs that are based around eating more often throughout the day with smaller meals and eating the right nutrients in the right intervals.

When I went on a diet like this, those annoying hunger pangs and craving urges greatly decreased… as well as my stubborn pounds of body fat! I dropped over 50 pounds!

Source by Avy Barnes

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