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Anti Aging Skin Care and Treatments Dermatologists Use and Recommend

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s fairest of them all” might have been the uttering of one of the most hated characters we have come across, but this concern for outward good looks is too deep-rooted in the human psyche. The basic concept of beauty has been and remains to be soft, flawless, glowing skin. Advancing age, however, takes its toll and the skin becomes blotchy, rough, and dull. Seen from this angle, the topic ‘anti-aging skin care and treatments’ calls for sincere reflection.

The sagging and sinking skins have had enough of natural beauty tips that do well unless scars and wrinkles steal appearances and the once healthy skin falls easy prey to advancing age. It is time now that they get some insight into the steps being taken in anti-aging skincare and treatments.

Several aesthetic or cosmetic plastic surgery like face-lifts, thread lifts, fat transfer, and a host of non-surgical skin refinishing treatments are now available to fight back the impacts of aging and the harsh treatments meted out to the skin. Given the wide selection of skin-rejuvenating treatments, a reliable dermatologist should be entrusted with the responsibility of working out the ideal anti-aging skin care treatment to eliminate and soften the effects of aging.

The recommended skin care regimen prescribed by the skin specialist may be a singular or a combination cure, depending on the seriousness of the condition, age, and other health-related issues. The surgical part of the treatment is handled by the skin specialists but the follow-up skin care program necessitates total patient involvement.

The following section elaborates on some of the anti-aging skin care treatments, which can be used at home:

Glycolic Acid – Glycolic or ‘fruity acid’ treatments are good for pigmented aging skin. The bleaching-cum-moisturizing action of this anti-aging skin care treatment removes the skin blotches and smoothens the rough, sun-damaged skin, reviving its natural freshness. Available in two forms (cream and face wash), Glycolic Acid should be applied to the face twice daily or as recommended by the skin specialist.

There are no serious medical problems associated with the usage of glycolic acids other than causing temporary skin irritation and redness sometimes. It is regarded as a safe anti-aging skin treatment. Caring for rejuvenated skin involves the use of sunblock creams too.

TCA Skin Peels – The TCA skin peels are the most sought-after anti-aging skin care treatments because these medium-strength peels are perfectly safe and essentially effective. They fight back the ravages of advancing years by removing facial lines and wrinkles and giving back the skin its lost elasticity, and suppleness.

The best thing about this easy-to-apply, home-based anti-aging skin care treatment is that its effect lasts up to a year or so. Twice a year application of TCA peels will certainly benefit the skin and are now available for at-home use (see the website below for more on this).

Adding some natural skin care tips like hydrating the body inside out, going for a balanced diet (containing anti-oxidants), a little meditation and other health tips summarize a full-fledged anti-aging skin care program.

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