Boy Mocked By Waitress For Paying In Coins Gets Payback

Going Viral

A 17-year-old-boy was left upset and humiliated in Virginia, USA, by the rude comments of one waitress that ended up going viral. The young man chose to get revenge on the woman and the whole restaurant in the best way he knew how.

The best part, though? She could not have seen it coming, and nobody anticipated such an unreal turnaround. She now had the eyes of the entire world on her. How would she respond?

Tough Times

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As a young person, eating out on your own dime is a luxury that many teens forgo. So when you’ve eventually saved up enough to treat not only yourself but some of your friends as well, you hardly give a thought to what form your money comes in.

At that point, it can be plastic, paper, or coins. And while it might not have been on his mind, apparently, this young man was about to make a major faux pas.

A Part-Time Job

Facebook- thequarterboymeals

The 17-year-old in question was none other than Cohen Naulty. He was working as many kids do as a waiter during his senior year of high school for work experience.

He also waited tables to bring in some extra money to do the things he enjoyed in life. He didn’t realize that the path he was on would change his life forever.

Small Change

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Working as a waiter meant that Cohen often got most of his money in tips, and tips tend to be in, well, you guessed it… small change. Cohen received his gratuity in small change — mostly quarters. What was he to do?

Now Cohen could make endless trips to the bank after every few shifts, but that seemed like a lot of extra steps before spending his money in the best way he knew how… Taking friends out for food. After what happened, he would have to think twice about spoiling people.


Facebook- thequarterboymeals

Cohen had finally collected a whopping stash of coins and was pretty sure he would be able to take out some friends and leave a great tip for the server too.

It wasn’t the dinner that was to make waves, but the quarters he paid for it with. He never imagined that such a sweet gesture would cause such a backlash.

Bad Attitude


It wasn’t long after the very enjoyable pub lunch with friends that it all turned sour. It was only by chance that Cohen saw the scathing post.

It was written by an obviously overly-entitled waitress. The post is a picture of Cohen’s bill surrounded by the quarters he paid with, accompanied by a nasty caption.

Just Plain Mean

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Cohen was quick to see the post on Facebook, but it was too late. Everyone who knew him had seen it too. He couldn’t control the torrent of emotions that bubbled to the surface.

He was feeling hurt and embarrassed that the waitress at his favorite restaurant would post something like that about him. So, what had the rude waitress written that had caused such a stir? And would she get away with it?

Tears Turn To Rage

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Cohen was mild-mannered by nature and not one to cause a fuss. He held back the tears at first. But the more he read the waitress’ audacious words, the angrier he became. How dare she?

And when he realized that they had also ridiculed his mom, he saw red. The post began: “We’ll just caption this… “How NOT to pay at a restaurant,” but it didn’t end there. The worst was still to come.

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