Cooking Tips To Make Life Easier In The Kitchen – Part One

Here are some quick and easy cooking tips that may save your day.

1) If you are a beginner, start with a simple recipe. Do not be overzealous and choose some recipes that require way too much preparation. Choose a healthy cooking recipe that you can prepare easily. When you are better, you can opt for something more challenging.

2) It is recommended that you prepare all the ingredients that you need for your gourmet recipe before you start heating the pan or pot. Otherwise, you may get all excited if you forget something along the process thus spoiling or overcooking your food. It’s great to have everything freshly cut and prepared during your cooking but if you are an amateur, it is still better you get all your ingredients ready first before you start heating up your pan or pot.

3) It is wise to measure your ingredients rather than just estimate. Follow your given recipe as closely as possible. Of course, cooking is not set in stone. For example, if you don’t like your cake too sweet, you can reduce the amount of sugar stated in the recipe by a quarter. Likewise, you can substitute butter for margarine to suit your tastebuds.

4) Cooking temperatures is very important. So be sure to follow the recommended heat settings especially when you are baking.

5) Cook only one dish at a time so you can manage it better. If you have two or three dishes cooking at the same time, you may find yourself running around checking the oven, microwave or pot. By the time you finish, you will be so tired and stressed, you won’t be able to enjoy your meal. So just take it easy and cook one dish at a time.

6) It is a good idea to set your table before you start cooking so that once the food is ready, you and your family or friends can just sit down and enjoy the meal while it is still hot.

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