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Learn The Symptoms Omega 3 Deficiency Can Cause

Learning the symptoms Omega 3 deficiency can cause is the first step to providing your body with a healthier way of functioning. To understand what this deficiency is, you will need to know about the Omega 3 processes. Omega 3 contains ingredients known as fatty acids or oils. These oils are more commonly known as EPA and DHA. Most diets are rich in the Omega 6 acids that are found in meat but lack the crucial efas.

When a lack of these efas occurs, you can experience health problems of major proportions. This includes medical conditions like cancer, being overweight, heart problems, arthritis, diabetes, and hardening of the arteries. When the Omega 6 is reduced and the Omega 3 is increased in the average diet, the health problems above are reduced significantly. Beef can be bred to contain Omega 3 if it is sent to pasture and not fed a diet of grain.

Good fatty acids are not used as much as they should be. The other processed oils known as transfat products are more common in cooking. Using olive oil in cooking can provide the necessary DHA and EPA. Instead of frying food or adding heavy vegetable oils to your salad or gravy switch it out with olive oil.

Not only does it take care of the symptoms that the lack of these fatty acids can cause, but it also is easier for your body to break down and use more effectively. It is also better to avoid Omega 3 foods being fried before eating because it will reduce the levels.

More common symptoms can show up as:

1. Increases in ear wax

2. Not being able to pay attention

3. Difficulty learning

4. Obesity

5. Increase in blood pressure

6. Artery hardening

7. Skin and hair that feels dry

8. Problems with dandruff

Supplements can be taken to help with the symptoms Omega 3 deficiency can cause These fatty oil capsules undergo a molecular distillation process removing the metal and mercury commonly found in fish and contaminated water. This molecular distillation will not diminish the amounts of fatty acids in the oil just clean the nasty ingredients from it. You end up with a safe supplement that is beneficial to your health. Supplements are safe for children and pregnant mothers to take.

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