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M/18/5’8 [172lbs > 142lbs = 30lbs] (6 months)

M/18/5’8 [172lbs > 142lbs = 30lbs] (6 months)

Order is from bottom right to top left. Started going to the gym mid April this year after a breakup. I was 172lbs (bottom right) and to be fair, I had a lot of water retention due to taking prednisone for my autoimmune disease after being recently hospitalized Dec 2022-Jan2023 due to heart inflammation as a result of the autoimmune disease. I always had insecurities about myself being fat and I’ve always been a bitter person, talking shit about others and treated my ex quite badly. I was selfish and an asshole. Started lifting 4/5 days a week after the breakup to direct all that negative energy towards myself to lifting weights and here we are. I did this while sticking to MAX 2200 cals/day while doing 30 mins cardio per day. I also work part time as a dishwasher and that also helped with my total calorie expenditure.

(Top Right) This was me around late August, took a break from the cut for about a month before the picture was taken and felt the strongest I’ve ever been. Just went full hunk mode eating around 2800-3000 cals 150g protein per day.

(Top Left) This is what I look like right now after eating slightly below maintenance at around 2300 cals. Unfortunately limited to a 4 pack but it is what it is.

Overall, people around me have told me I’ve become a much nicer and kind person, and looking introspectively I’d assume its because I’m more confident and less insecure about my body and how I look. Gotta cut the hair though for sure.

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