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20+ EASY healthy family meals with recipes

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to mess around measuring endless ingredients out and using every utensil you own to cook an easy healthy family meal. I know I certainly don’t anyway! Isn’t it much better when you can have a few “go-to” meals that you make without a recipe and that are easy to do whilst doing other things?

I thought I would share with you my favourite easy Slimming World friendly meals. Whilst you might need a recipe the first few times many of them you will soon be doing quickly without as they are just so easy to prepare!

cheesy leek and potato pie
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This takes around 25 minutes of preparation/cooking before it goes into the oven which doesn’t sound overly quick but it is really easy and could be made quicker with instant mashed potatoes if you wanted. It is one all the family will love so that makes it great too as no cooking separate meals!

Stir Fry

You don’t need a recipe just pop whatever you fancy in and some soy sauce and hey presto you have a super quick and healthy meal! This is one of my favourite easy Slimming World friendly meals.

About ten minutes worth of can opening and vegetable chopping then the Slow cooker does the rest!

Made in the slow cooker this is really quick and easy to prepare and the slow cooker does the rest during the day. Check this post for all the lowest syn sausages and both meat and vegetarian to keep you on plan!

20+ EASY healthy family meals with recipes

Very like a winter vegetable casserole but with a mashed potato topping and cooked in the oven.

jacket potatoes

These can be done in the slow cooker during the day so you just have to sort the toppings out. Even without a slow cooker, these are one of the easiest low preparation meals around!

Really easy to make and not too much messing around preparing, especially if you buy frozen or prepared vegetables to save even more time! This really is an easy healthy family meal perfect for children too.


Many soups are really easy to make and whilst they can be a filling meal they aren’t always as good as a more stodgy meal but ok for a quick fix! I have lots of soup recipes here.

minestrone soup
Homemade delicious minestrone soup with basil

This basically takes as long as it takes the pasta to boil as you do the other things at the same time then mix it together and pop it in the oven. A really straightforward meal that is a change from spaghetti Bolognese as a pasta dish.

Like the recipe above this is great as it takes as long as the pasta takes to boil to prepare then just pop it in the oven. This is a recipe popular with kids too.

cheese and ham pasta bake

Omelette and Salad

It is a really quick meal and doesn’t even need a recipe but the sort of thing I often forget about but really enjoy when I do have. Check out my tips with eggs for making the most of your eggs when you use them to make an easy healthy family meal.

This is so easy in the slow cooker it takes about 5 minutes at the most to prepare in the morning especially if you use frozen onion! to make it a meal just cook rice later or even buy frozen rice!

This is a little more preparation than the other meals I have shared but I think it is totally worth it! There is about 10 minutes of chopping and measuring out ingredients and then 15 minutes at the hob but then the rest does itself and you can leave it to finish cooking.

Cooked Breakfast or Fry up

Using fry light and low syn sausages this is a great easy meal that I make in around 20 minutes. Pop the sausages under the grill then add the bacon a while after depending on how you like it, meanwhile, open cans of tomatoes and beans, pop some mushrooms in another pan and fry an egg. It does make a bit of washing up but for a comforting meal that feels naughty, I think it’s worth it! Check for the lowest syn sausages and both meat and vegetarian to keep you on plan!

sweetcorn fritter with homemade chips and salad with a ramekin of salsa

This is really quick and easy to make and is so much more filling than just a salad. You could make it for all the family or just save the rest for lunches for a couple of days! An easy healthy family meal!

This is so easy to pop into the slow cooker and makes a really popular meal for all the family to enjoy, except vegetarians like me!

The Bolognese can be easily made during the day in the slow cooker then you just need to quickly boil up some spaghetti – super easy!

There are so many different combinations you can make in a quiche but I recommend 6 eggs, a tub of cottage cheese and then whatever vegetables you fancy. Avoid watery vegetables like mushrooms and tomatoes though. Season it well and add herbs if you like then bake for around 20-30 minutes depending on the size or until firm and golden on top.

This recipe is perfect for all the family and really easy to make. How would your kids like a cheesy pasta meal full of chicken and bacon?

If you are looking for easy lunch ideas for a baby you are weaning then check out this page full of ideas.

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Here are some quick jump buttons to help you find my most popular Slimming World guides (all unofficial) and be sure to check out all my Slimming World friendly recipes too.

Check out frequently asked syn values here.

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